WE THE PEOPLE must not be fooled into fear mongering of those spreading bad news, as the news. GOOD PEOPLE ARE THE MAJORITY throughout the world, but we are being made to feel hopeless in the face of the selective negative news coverage globally. I work in some of these communities where the drug dealers and gangsters get more coverage than the good majority and young people look up to these well marketed few, while disrespecting their own hard working parents and family members, who seldom get coverage.

We first decided to bring it to the masses attention to encourage a POSITIVE POSTER DAY.
On the 30th May (next Monday) we plan to run this same project for a WEEK and encourage a POSITIVE

POSTER WEEK. We are hoping that it will spread to a GLOBAL WEEK OF POSITIVE NEWS to remind us that we can and have to change things ourselves. It is astounding how this version of Democracy has made people complacent and willing to wait for politicians to change things for them. Instead of empowering the masses, it has taken our power away from us, which is a direct contradiction to its original intent.

The "Freedom of the Press" should not hamper the will of the people, by making them believe that bad is in the majority.
NO! to me, that actually is a violation of the Freedom Charter and Constitution of South Africa,  because it limits the peoples mental freedom and perception of themselves. We are inviting people from around the world to participate this time.

Suggested Action for Positive Poster Week
30th May  Selfie with Positive Poster You - Some famous people also said they would send selfies
31st May   Group/ Family/ Work / School class/  Positive Poster
01st June  Youth & School Classes Uploads (As Part Of Youth Month) / WHOLE School with poster
02nd June Global Positive Poster Uploads (People in front of global well known sites) Country & Landmarks (Table Mountain)
03rd June  Instagram Uploads
04th June  Twitter Uploads
05th June  Facebook Uploads

We can send you some generic posters and you can take some selfies with it and mail it or post it on the page (link below) and you can check out video as well.
Please feel free to expand this and invite as many groups around the world.

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WATCH: Positive Poster Day 2016 GET INVOLVED

Let's see how soon we can turn this into a Global Initiative.