Her name, Miss Celaneous, is a play on the word meaning "many things not labeled" and this MC is a natural entertainer from the Mother City, where she has been paying her dues performing live in and around CPT at venues like CoCo, Kool Out Lounge, Zula Bar and others as well as at venues in Jozi, PE and Durban for the past 6 years.
She also regularly features on the Goodhope FM Ready D Show's Wednesday night Live Cypher Session.

Her confident stage persona amplifies her sexually charged lyrics and her sometimes-explicit  but relavent hard-hitting punchlines. She is also known for her sexy flow as well as her funky big blonde afro and she says that she aims at liberating woman from all walks of life.

Her love and passion for rapping and writing lyrics started 6 years ago and she has since released a mixtape called "Kwicky" which is an 8 minute culmination of carefully selected verses from previous collaborations.
Since she 1st hit the stage in 2009, it was clear to see that this is a mc on a mission. Her lyrical flexibility is evident in her music as she is able to rap about every and anything she experiences and this also shows how authentic her lyrics are to her and her life.
With a number of tracks out, she released her first official single simply titled, #1 in january 2015.

Friday 27 Febrruary saw the release of a killer video for her latest single titled "CheckMeOut".
Directed by Jean Daniel, filmed by Young Photography and edited by Malatskovic, CheckMeOut was filmed in The Trap, on the South of Johannesburg. The track is a remake using a Nipsy Hussle beat with the same title and touches on how fake the SA Hip Hop scene has become. It encompasses a number of issues namely how truly talented artists are overshadowed by a watered down, Americanized versions of Hip Hop in S.A. It has an anti-commercial raw feel and is done in black and white for dramatic effect and to deviate from the norm. Miss Celaneous represents Cape Town to the fullest with her use of Cape Flats slang throughout the track.  

Like all her work so far, this is real talk for and from the streets.
Check out CheckMeOut video.
WARNING: Explicit Lyrics


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