A seasoned actor, an author, a motivational speaker, and he is the founder and CEO of the Fatherhood Foundation, Zane Meas is said to have sold his car in order to self-fund the production of his film 'Father'.
The film officially premiered in 2013 but has been screened by the Fatherhood Foundation at various venues since 2012, yet many people still are not aware of the film’s existence.
In celebration of Father’s Day 2016, bruinou.com is highlighting this film which still needs to be seen by so many all over the country in order for it to make its intended meaningful impact on our South African society.

Zane Meas is best known for his past role as newspaper editor Neville Meintjies in the soapie 7de Laan. During the time when the character "died for the first time and was later resurrected" the actor, who has been plying his trade for almost thirty years, was busy with completing his full length feature film.

The film stars Zane Meas, Maurice Paige, Grant Powell, Marvin-Lee Buekes and Lois Du Plessis.
It also features, Adrian Galley, Farouk Valley-Omar (who starred in Four Corners), Charlene Wolmerans and Morgan Dennison.

Conceived by Zane Meas, it deals with the issue of influence and fatherlessness, forgiveness, loss and reconciliation. Its basic premise is that we are all entitled to "a second chance".
The story revolves around a father who, after the death of his wife, has to fight to keep his two very different sons from making the wrong decisions in life - before it's too late. In this process he himself learns important lessons along the way.
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His book Daddy Come Home is aimed not only at fathers, whether single or married but it is also aimed at future fathers and even mothers. The book explores ways in which mothers can deal with the need for children to have their fathers of a father-figure in their lives.
It has not only been well received and critically acclaimed, with the first edition selling 10000 copies, but it is veritably used as a "textbook" by people and organisations that aim to restore the role of fatherhood in our communities.
It addresses the roles of fathers in "broken families" where the fathers are separated from their children's mothers also deals with the issue of fathers who are physically there but completely absent in the Daddy-role they should play in their children's lives.

The Fatherhood Foundation has become a calling for Zane like he has illustrated in the theme of his book and movie.
in a 2013 interview with GetItOnline he was asked what inspired or conceived the Fatherhood Foundation. “As a public figure and a celebrity, actors such as me constantly are invited to give numerous talks at different social events – that is where I noticed that the majority of my audience consists of mostly women and children.“ Concluding that men and fathers need a platform, the Fatherhood Foundation was born.

The film Father is currently not available on DVD and is not currently playing in any theatres, but you, a community organisation, a NGO or a church-body you are affiliated to can contact The Fatherhood Foundation to arrange a screening of the film which could even include a presentation from speakers of the foundation and or the actors who played in the film.

For information on how to get the book Daddy Come Home or info on screenings of the film 'Father', contact The Fatherhood Foundation.
Tell:  011 768 1254
email on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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