A human resources officer at retail giant Pick n Pay is being accused of calling coloured people lazy.

When former police detective Shareef Carlse visited the store’s Tyger Valley branch last month, he was requested by the manager to follow him to an office so they could check the availability of a product.

Carlse, 48, said that while they were busy, another man entered the office and said, out of the blue, “coloureds just don’t want to work, they are such a lazy lot”.

Carlse sent a letter of complaint to the chain store’s head office and a copy was forwarded to the Cape Times.

Carlse said he has yet to hear from Pick n Pay’s human resources’s head office.

Pick n Pay has denied that any of its staff made such a remark.

In his letter, Carlse explained: “I asked him if he knows me or have (sic) a relationship with me that will allow him to say something like this in my presence. He looked at me almost astonished that I would ask him something like that.”

Carlse wrote that he then proceeded to ask the man why he would say such a thing.

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