Soli Philander is back on stage doing what he does best. His new show Nice Coat / Lekker Jas runs from 18 to 21 January at 8pm at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg.

So imagine you are a visitor to The Mother City... Somebody has to show you around, give you the lowdown on the locals and the hotspots, and skill you to make the most of your stay in The Beautiful Cape. Soli Philander, his tongue firmly in his cheek, profiles the Cape Town of his experience with all its foibles, flaws and fabulousness.

'Telling Our Own Stories' - That is a mantra which underpins the mutual support which Soli Philander and us here at have been affording each other since we have started interacting with Soli so many years ago.
Whenever our stories are not being told by ourselves, it is often done within a narrative which is part of an agenda to undermine our collective progress. The way Cape Town is 'sold' to outsiders is of course no different...

Soli Philander - Nice Coat / Lekker Jas flyerSoli's show Nice Coat / Lekker Jas is in answer to all the profiling Cape Town gets from Government (local and national), political parties, the COCT, Cape Town Tourism and other tourism bodies and pretty much all organizations when describing The Mother City in line with their agendas - this is a Capetonian describing his Cape Town.

Soli has over the length of his illustrous career built up a reputation for not only tackling the social issues that plague our communities but also for celebrating our peculiarities as well as our many achievemnts all in his unique flamboyantly hilarious way.

Performances are 18-21 JAN at 8pm at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg
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We certainly hope that Soli will also be taking his show to other theatres on the Cape Peninsula and indeed also to other parts of the country.