BruinouTV which is's online video portal has Evolved! Now you can directly access a variety of videos on BruinouTV across at least 9 Channels each catering for a different form of content.

You may have gotten used to our Home Page BruinouTV Video Player but of course you could only ever watch the one specific video which we chose to feature. We will still continue featuring specific videos on our Home Page BruinouTV Video Player but now you can also choose to see any one of the videos in our Library whenever you want to.

Of course as the diversity of our content will inevitably increase, even more channels can and will be added.
That is so that you can more easily select exactly what kind of content You want to see when you want to see it.

We will be sourcing and curating a growing library of videos on BruinouTV from all over the internet including YouTube.
What's more is that we and our collaborators will also be adding Original Content created for us or by us.'s own original content will either be uploaded directly to our platform or streamed via the BruinouTV YouTube Channel or the Fifth Element Live YouTube Channel.

Our BruinouTV Channels


Artists and Content Creators can all rest assured that all streams to #BruinouTV from their Youtube accounts will count towards their views on YouTube and that their copyrights will not be infringed upon.

Over the many years of our existence has strived to embed some really great and very relevant video content in our articles, whether those were music videos in our entertainment articles or video interviews in our current affairs articles.
Besides that we will be regularly sourcing and curating content as well as creating our own content, we will also be systematically adding the videos in our older articles to our various BruinouTV channels in some cases including a link to the related article.

Comedy on BruinouTV

One of our channels is dedictaed to Comedic Skits and Video Clips from Standup Comedy Shows.


Upload Your Own Content Direct to BruinouTV

There is much more to #BruinouTV than just us deciding which content makes it into our library or what gets featured on our BruinouTV channels.
BruinouTV was created with you our members in mind with the aim of also giving You a portal to upload your own content to.

You can now Upload Your Own Videos Direct to BruinouTV instead of waiting for us to somehow discover it.
Logged in Registered Members of can simply go to "Add Video" under the "Bruinou TV" tab in the main menu and follow the easy uploading process.
Members are also allowed to add a description or a background story of their video and of course members will also be able to interact with comments on their video uploads.
*Please see our Terms & Conditions & our Legal Notice further below.

…en #KykhieHoorhiesô
You alone will be held Solely and Severally Liable for any legal challenges arising from your uploads.
In anne woorde: As djy yttie lyn yt trap, dan staan ôs op 'n wit klip.
If you are unable to figure out what that means then keep your eyes peeled for when our new BruinouCabulary Urban Dictionary goes online.

A Hilarious Video on BruinouTV Comedy

IV Beats aka Ivan Willis gets caught out by the difficult questions his daughter asks.


We hope that you will continue to support our efforts in creating awesome content across our different platforms and that you will not only enjoy BruinouTV but that you will become part of its growth and development.

Of course the best way for you to help #BruinouTV AND grow as a whole and grow our ability to bring you the best possible content is to Hit the Social Media Share Tabs on Our Webpages and also to Visit & Like our Facebook Page.

*Terms & Conditions Apply
Activation of your Uploads is Subject to Approval.
Approval times may vary based on the availability of Admins & Moderators. This is a Free Service. Our admins and moderators volunteer their time and resources so please do not hassle them because they may be busy with more important things like earning a living for themselves.
Members are Not Allowed to Upload Advertising Videos of any Commercial Enterprise.
Event Advertising and Teaser Videos for Events will only be allowed at Our Own Discretion and as we deem they may or may not relevant to our member.
We Reserve the Right to Remove Any Content that we at Our Own Discretion deem to be unfit for viewing, to be of poor video and/or audio quality, to be not within the interest of our members, of a ‘spammy’ nature or which we consider to be or are reliably informed to be content that could possibly contravene South African and International Laws.   
Administrator and Moderator Decisions are Final.

*LEGAL NOTICE - All Applicable South African and International Laws Apply to Your Uploads onto the BruinouTV Platform and any other platform provides. assumes absolutely no responsibility for any event in which your content may be found to be in contravention of any applicable laws.

You as an individual or as any other entity which you are deemed to represent will be held Solely and Severally Liable should your content contravene any applicable laws.
When approving your uploads we will take reasonable care to spot any possible contraventions of laws related to your content, however,'s approval of your uploads, our inability to spot any contravention of applicable laws or a perceived neglect on our part to spot any contravention of applicable laws cannot be construed to infer that or any of our administrators and/or moderators are complicit in your contravention of those applicable Laws.