Started in March 2017 Cool-Ur Box is now in its 3rd Edition and it is definitely growing in popularity.
With a marked and steady decline of nightclubs situated within the various areas of the Cape Flats Northern Suburbs, and there were many legendary clubs, two DJ's from that part of the Cape Peninsula decided to put together an event where the former patrons of those various clubs could get together and have an awesome jol once every few months.

DJ Perry & DJ Niven seem to be as legendary in the Northern Suburbs and indeed across the Peninsula as the various now defunct clubs in the Northern Suburbs they have held residences in and still do in others areas across Cape Town.
With Perry & Niven not only on the decks but ultimately responsible for making sure everything keeps going right throughout the night, they are joined by a few other headline DJ's who each bring their own unique flair to the event.
They had their first Cool-Ur Box event at The Pigeon Hall in Ravensmead Parow Industria and it worked so for now that will remain the venue of choice.
The team puts a lot of effort into preparing the event and also ensure that they have a sound and lifght rig that would rival many of the top clubs.
The cover charge of R50 is the same whether you have a coolerbox or not.
There will also be a kitchen available for those who get a little peckish on a night out.
The organisers assure that security is a top priority for the event.

Make No Mistake... Cool-Ur Box is not another event for some old washed-up has-been DJ's trying to keep their careers alive.
These DJ's are all Still Very Active across the Cape Peninsula at various clubs in other areas as well as playing various events and all of these headliners still either have fixed radio slots or are regularly featured on one of the popular radio station on the Cape Peninsula.
According to Perry Johnson the idea is to give those in the Northern Surburbs who no longer have any great clubs close to home a truly great clubbing experience that does not require them to take out a bank loan for one night of fun.

Often times mistakenly 'pideon-holed' as a Strictly Old-school DJ (hopefully y'all got that pun), Mikey G with his unique style and exquisite taste for music, also at times drops stunningly awesome brand new non-commercial dance music like witnessed at a recent event where he palyed alongside the Legendary DJ Superfly. Mikey G also holds down a regularly slot on Bush Radio.

Needing no introduction to crowds all across Cape Town, he did it all, from Kinky Afro, K.O.C and Fanta Phat Jam to name but a few. DJ Oscar is regarded as one of the Best Old School DJ's in Cape Town and this is his second time around headlining Cool-Ur Box. With regular features on the airwaves, it is clear that radio audiences still cannot get enough of DJ Oscar.

With several DJ competition titles to his name, he is known for his unique style and for being flawless in any genre, DJ Nate "The Dawg You Love To Hate" has been headlining Cool-Ur Box since its inception. Nate was resident DJ on The Beat Down Show with Stan Mars on Goodhope Fm and is currently the resident DJ on GHFM's "Dr's In The House" show hosted by Dr Jules.
Also considered by many to be a Northern Suburbs legend in his own right having held down numerous residencies at clubs all across the Peninsula in both the Northern and Southern Suburbs, DJ Niven is a beast behind the decks and we love how he is able to hold a crowd captivated on the dance floor. As mentioned earlier, Niven is one of the founders of the Cool-Ur Box event.
Like all of the other Cool-Ur Box headliners Niven comes from an era where it was many times necessary for one DJ to hold down a club an entire night and not just drop in for a one hour set and run off to the next club to play the same set again. Expect to be surprised and blown away.
Perry Johnson, another Northern Suburbs DJ who has gained legendary status among many of those who have and are still following his career, having held down residencies at quite a few clubs in and around Cape Town, was also a resident DJ on The Beat Down Show with Stan Mars on Goodhope FM.
Perry is seen by many clubbers as a crowd pleaser but we peg him not only as simply able to please 'familiar' crowds but as a great crowd reader who can literally play anywhere.
We have seen him keep large crowds bouncing throughout his entire sets from clubs in the city centre to the township vibes of Mzoli's in Gugulethu and everywhere else we've seen him play.
That's not simply just about knowing how to please... That's about creating synergy.
Cool-Ur Box also makes sure that they are a platform for at least one up-and-coming DJ at each of their events.
This time it's the turn of the young DJ Mano who Perry calls The Party-Starter.
Perhaps we will see one or two other fresh faces joining the line-up on the night.
Catch them all Sunday 24 September at the Pigeon Hall in Parow Industrial/Ravensmead.
Cover Charge is just R50 with or without your coolerbox.
Doors open 8pm sharp with strict security.
Dresscode is Casual but caps, hoodies or tracksuits are strictly not allowed.