Kleurlinge... yes that is the only way I feel like describing these adherents of a false consciousness... Kleurlinge losing their minds over a sheep being slaughtered on a beach which they themselves as people are regularly being bullied to vacate and until a few decades ago were not even allowed the privilege to visit or set foot on. 
Now before you jump to any conclusion about what you may think I mean with this latest rant of mine, please, I ask that you make sure you have read everything I have to say...
With barely a bleat from the many many leaders of the majority population group of the Cape Peninsula when the issue of people being illegally told to leave Clifton came under the spotlight....
One would be forgiven to think that our leaders thought that we should merely be grateful visitors to our beaches and not make too much of a fuss about it...
So when there was a protest organised against the apartheid style treatment of visitors to the Clifton beachfront not led by "our" leaders, instead of getting to the forefront of it, and ensuring that there is a well represented Khoe presence leading the protest, they played right into the hands of those who the protests are supposed to be aimed against by going all out against how Black and how Aftican the protest was...
As if Khoekhoen are not African.
Besides that the ritual slaughter of animals is an African custom and last time I checked Clifton was on the African map... We have Khoe / Coloured leaders who are now all up in arms because those beaches apparently "don't belong to blacks to come here and perform their Eastern Cape cultures on 'our' beaches".
Like sheep running around bleating in a panic because a goat amongst them cried wolf, people in our communities are all suddenly jumping on an anti-Black / anti-African  bandwagon almost as if wanting to protect the rights of white residents to have  exclusive access  to Our beaches.
Instead of them having been the overwhelming majority in leading the protests or at the very least be in support of the protests they completely missed the opportunity to make a political, cultural and historically correct point to both the DA & the ANC in terms of our Ancestral rights to access spaces we have been denied for so long as well as making moves to be taken seriously in the land debate.
It really seems like 'our' leaders are merely a bunch of Sheep in Wolves' Clothes.
Geewizz if they really felt so strongly about it being 'Our'  beaches why haven't there been a Khoe-led protest and cleansing ceremony even before this debacle began?
If Khoe leaders are upset that this protest was "usurped" by Nguni people then why on earth did you not for once have unity amongst each other and Lead the Protest for that which you so vocally describe as Our Land?
Some of 'our' leaders are even calling the slaughter of the sheep a barbaric act... 
Why call this act of a ritual slaughter of a sheep barbaric when not saying anything about Our majestic animals on Our land that have been and are still hunted for sport by people of European descent?
We don't hear any of 'our' leaders saying that white people hunting our animals for sport is barbaric.
Worse thsn that .  Do we forget the barbaric way in which our ancestors were hunted down?
For centuries colonisers were legally hunting and literally slaughtering our Khoe-San great grandparents and up until less than a century ago they could obtain a permit to shoot down a Bushman. Yes in the 20th century white hunters could actually still hunt our people like animals.
What does it really mean to be civilised? 
What talk is this of slaughtering a sheep is an act of being uncivilized? 
In the area I live, I grew up with people in the neighbourhood regularly slaughtering animals including sheep and chickens they have bought or raised themselves.and in fact some people still do.
Are these kleurlinge living in the same area as I do saying  that my relatives and my friends in my community who slaughter for religious and cultural reasons are also uncivilized?
Every year our Muslim relatives perform Qurbaan in their backyards and some of us are lucky enough to be invited or our Muslim neighbours send some of that freshly slaughtered cooked meat over as a barakat. I dont hear anyone of these kleurlinge making a fuss about it.
Our people buy and eat kudu biltong out of a packet, and won't acknowledge that it was an animal shot on land that belonged to our ancestors then slaughtered and hung out in a shed?
Why did the Khoe leaders not stand up and be counted when the Clifton beach curfews and removal of people from the beach by private security became an issue?
Why are activists from my community on the Cape Flats who are participating in the protests being called sellouts and are being told to rather not worry about Clifton and to give their full attention to fighting gangsterism in the Cape Flats?
Do our people not understand that We on The Cape Flats are forced to live in gang infested ghettos because Clifton, Constancia, Kloofnek, Simons Town, Houtbay, Llundudno, Muizenberg, Milnerton Lagoon where once our ancestors freely walked was taken from us?
If you dont understand the value of access to beaches from the point of being a Khoe descendant and (unless you are vegan) you see the ritual slaughter of a sheep as offensive and uncivilized while you regularly eat meat from the supermarket, then you do not understand the meaning of the term 'Our Land' and why reclaiming spaces outside of the Cape Flats is important for restoring the dignity of our people. 
It is possibly just as important as fighting gangsterism in our areas since after all, gangsterism became one of our biggest problems when we no longer had access to land and we were forcibly dumped on the Cape Flats.
I am not advocating either way whether those who were classified as Colouref should call themselves Khoe or Khoisan or whatever they choose and whether they should see themselves as separate or included in Black but until our people start realizing as descendants of the First People that  Indeed We Are African and stop seeing ourselves as separate from The Land, we cannot by any means enter the land debate and expect be taken seriously.
Our people continue to be slaughtered on the Cape Flats and any of our claims to fair access to and control over our ancestral land will continue to be ignored  because the kleurlinge among us dressed like wolves are merely sheep who are happy to simply be grazing on the Cape Flats they have all been herded to. 

If there was real Unity of Purpose and Unity of Vision then leaders of the majority population  group of the Cape Peninsula could have been at the forefront of that protest and the cleansing ceremony could have been done as per Khoe-San customs but...

Apparently we would rather not do anything African as Africans because we are too afraid we might get confused for being black...

Verwoerd and his modern day followers win again.