Send in the Army for what, whom and why???? Is the most appropriate army being sent?
We are traumatised of years and years of abuse, violence, crime and poverty send in an army of social workers, phycologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, and trauma counsellers.
Our youth and adults are jobless and hopeless leaving our children mal nourished, prone to ill health, lack of concentration at school and open to abuse by criminal elements, care givers and some sex pests send in an army of dieticians and food banks, pediatricians, child phycologists, speech therapists, oral hygienists, remedial education practitioners, and sports coaches.
Our communities are unemployment or work low paid low level jobs, send in an army of skills development practitioners with facilities and resources that will equip our people with skills necessary to eek out a decent living and with skills that with will take our people out of slave waged low level jobs.
Our working class areas, houses and properties are overcrowded leaving our families with severe stress because they are not able to afford buying a house of their own and have been on the housing waiting list for decades. Send in an army of town planners, architects, builders and give us land in the inner city and in places closer to places of work that will cut down on traveling times and costs.
Our children are succumbing to drug addiction and gangsterism send in an army of drug rehabilitation programmes and support groups to assist and lead our children into living a productive, healthy life.
We are losing our children by the day and live in fear behind our gates where we are being preyed upon by criminal elements send in and army of policemen, law enforcement officers, magistrates, judges and correctional offices to combat organised crime and deal with these terrorists swiftly and harshly in specialised gang courts where POCA is enforced, where SAPS, Departments of Justice and correctional services work hand in glove all the time.
We live in a dog eat dog world where the rich feeds off the poor in a world where Capitalism reigns suppreme, in a world where its economic system works for a few and leaves the majority in abject poverty...............
Disclaimer: Henriette Abrahams writes in her personal capacity and the views and opinions she states in this article are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of or our editorial staff.