Image edited from original on False Flag Productions site
Ghoema Woema is an exiting and lively documentary taking a look into the culure of Cape Jazz.
The Unique Music Style, The Dance Style and The Jazz Club Culture are all intertwined to define what is Cape Jazz. 

An energetic and flamboyant yet very intimate Dance Style coupled with the unique style of Jazz Music with its strong Ghoema underpinnings that has heavy Samba & Salsa influences, Cape Jazz is uniquely set apart from all other jazz music styles and jazz dancing styles anywhere else around the world.

Featuring luminaries connected to the live music scene, club managers, radio hosts, DJ's, musicians, dancers  and entertainment journalists, the one hour documentary brings insights from the likes of  Clarence Ford, Calvin Peters, Gary van Dyk, and a number of others in the various fields connected to the culture.
Of course most of the energy in the doccie comes from the dance scenes as well as snippets of live music performances.

Ghoema Woema was produced by False Flag Productions in conjuncion with Media 24  and will premiere on VIA TV at 17H30 on Friday 8 January 2021.

"From the rapturous hits of a traditional ghoema drum, to the squeaking of shoes on dance floors, Cape Jazz is a defining cultural expression of South Africa. Dance through the streets of Cape Town and learn more about the unique music and dance." - from the False Flag Productions promo.