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Dope Saint Jude “If you’re just looking for a break, it’s not going to happen for you in Cape Town. Unless you make it for yourself.”

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Then there was the time Dope Saint Jude and DJ Barely Legal visited HQ to film for Straight from the Flats: DJ Barely Legal in Cape Town with Dope Saint Jude.
YoungstaCPT “The days of the boss, the days of the main man in charge. It’s kind of dying out.”
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K-$ “The only reason we were being slept on before is because we weren’t realizing we could just make it by ourselves.”

K-$ is a DJ who is part of the LIT Collective

Aux Wondantso “If you want something to be done, you’ll have to do it yourself.”

Aux Womdantso is arguably the most prolific Cape Town Gqom Music DJ and Producer.

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