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Wiet Djy Wie Ek Is?
On the Cape Flats this question is usually a response to being underestimated or disrespected but this brilliantly structured song Wiet Djy Wie Ek Is (See link to MP3 Download Further Below) by Cedrick Flandorp aka Bix-C featuring Denroy Barendz aka Die Baarheid, both from Elsies River, takes it a step further, causing you to do some introspection and also ask yourself that question.

Make sure you've answered that question to yourself....
So when someone tries to tell you who you are... You should better know Better and tell them:
"Naaaai... Djy wietie man." (Nee, jy weet nie man / No, you don't know man).

Produced by: C&E productions with Executive Rroducer: Bix-C and  Engineered by: Heinz Dampies, this 'Wiet Djy Wie Ek Is' music video has visuals and imagery that give a salute to the Old School style of 1980's and early 1990's Hip Hop Videos bringing that Raw Street Energy where members of the community were a part of the action instead of a bunch of hired extras recruited by casting agencies.
We here at #BruinouTV absolutely love that!!!

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Download Bix-C - Wiet Djy Wie Ek Is ft Barendz


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