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With the band N2 as their backline these two World Class Saxophonists both from Elsies River paid tribute to the Late Great Legendary World Famous Saxophonist Robbie Jansen, also from Elsies River at The Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion Festival,

Tsakwe Royal Blue, composed and first recorded by Legendary Pianist Abdullah Ebrahim got whole different flavour when Robbie Jansen re-arranged it and recorded it with of course his saxophone as lead instrument, so much so that many people naturally assume it to be a Robbie Jansen composition. It is however another South African Music Legend and Jansen's fellow Jazz Musician Abdullah Ebrahim aka Dollar Brand who has to be credited for penning the original.
The first Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion held in Matroosfontein, Elsies River, South Africa on 15 February 2020 was a huge success and is set to become an annual event.
Event creator Calvin Peters aka Uncle Cal and his team did an outstanding world class job of delivering a musical experience like no other right into the heart of our communities.
The immense support from the community, former residents and people from far-flung areas was an amazing experience.
There were even some expat former residents of the area who planned their vacation trip home to coincide with the Festival.
The festival truly lived up to its motto: Bringing Old Friends Together.

Calvin has of course for many years been a great supporter and at times also content contributor to and There are also some of his tracks you can download for free on #BruinouNumberz.
As we like to say... You've got an Uncle in The Music Business... Uncle Cal.
Check out Facebook Page as well as the @ryantheforce page for all of our Matroosfontein Jazz Reunion photos.
Video by Ryan Swano of Fifth Element Live for BruinouTV.

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