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Mirja Delport, a 29 year old doctor from the Cape Flats who has been working at Oudtshoorn Hospital since 2015, has been chosen as one of the five finalists in the Integrity Idols South Africa 2018 competition.

Doctor Delport grew up in in one of the poorer and most gang-infested parts of Elsies River.
"No... Not in the good parts of Elsies River; in the flats (Trinity Place - Clarke Estate) where crime is the order of the day. I hope that through my achievement I can serve as an example to other that grow up in the same circumstances, so that they can see that you do not have to be rich to become a doctor. You might grow up in Elsies. You might be be poor. You just have to believe in yourself and that you can make a difference." - she told Liezl van Niekerk of the Oudtshoorn Courant.

Her personal experience of the public healthcare challenges inspires her to ensure that patients are directed to the correct health care access points to facilitate timely treatment. Dr Delport also works at local community-based clinics in Dysseldorp in the Western Cape. She shares “Integrity for me is following up on all my patients and not letting one slip through the cracks. It is advocating for their care when they are not able to and it is a commitment to doing right.”

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