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Emile YX? new video "Ko Lat Os Sing" inspired by Adam Small's poem, Die Riel van Hip Hop the connection between Riel, as one of the first dance forms on the planet and BBoying (Break-Dance).

Special THANK YOU to Alizia Linden, B-boys Stefan Bboymouse Benting, Charly Eftha, SA's Hip Hop Dancers Shameelah Kinnear Megan Sawyer and Riel Dancers, Tiervlei Riel Dansers. Also a special THANK YOU to Andre Chris Antonio for all his help on the day and also Michael Daiber from Khwattu San for the usage of the space.

Join the Emile YX? Facebook Page where he run a competition in which the winner will recieve all of his videos he has ever recorded ... 2 DVDs with 30 music videos and 2 documentaries ...

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