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Ek Sal is the second single off the highly acclaimed Jerome Rex album Al Jerome which pays tribute to the legendary Al Jarreau.
Ek Sal was produced by Jeremy Koeries of Exilic Music, and features HaKKiesDraaD HaRTmaN and Jazz Guitarist Allou April.
The video was shot and edited by Gerald Petersen for Double Dutch Media.
Jerome Rex had the following people he wanted to thank.
"Special thanks to our lead actors Jarrod Morkel and Natalie Morkel, as well as Nataan Smith and Adele Smith for letting us shoot at The Daily Coffee Cafe Kuilsriver."
"Also special mention to our extras Die Hooflig, Roger Boer, Cathy Boer, John Koopman, Carmen Koopman, Jolene Snyders, Quinton Snyders, Candice September, Morne Keyster, Abegail Keyster, Dudley Joseph, Darrel Stevens, Licinda Stevens, Adele Rex, Conroy Rex, Kim Rex, Peter Rex, Brendon Bosch, Anthia Stevens-Bosch, IVBeats and Kelly Morkel."

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