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We visited the Macassar #WhoWeAre Photo Exhibit at the Macassar Public Library and in our little vlog we tell you a little more of the town's history .
Since it started off from the late 1600's as place of banishment for an Indo-Malay royal who was from Makassar on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, some of his followers who were later also joined by Khoe people as well as  a diverse group of other People of Colour who were not wanted in the Cape, Macassar virtually became the blueprint of the Apartheid Spatial Planning which still because of its location suffers from an Apartheid induced economic and social isolation.'s Ryan Swano also tells you more of the amazing level of #Hope that can be found in this community which curator Clint Abrahams, Architectural & Spatial Design Lecturer at the University of Cape Town and his team  rightfully echo in the theme of this exhibit.

This hope is also made tangible and indeed is starting to bear fruit in the efforts of Social Enterprises like Macassar Pottery along with other organisations and stakeholders who are committed to turn the seemingly negative elements in the spatial design of this town into Spatial Assets which will have benefits for many home industries and small businesses within the area through local and international tourism and product marketing.
NB. The views expressed in this video are solely that of Ryan Swano based on The Perceptions which Ryan has of the exhibition and do not necessarily reflect the Intended Narrative of the Exhibition, it's Contributors or Curators.

The background music in the video is by the Macassar Pottery's Sound of The Ground band recorded during a live performance at a TedX Bellville event.

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