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The budget process is one that is extremely complicated and Attorney Zelna Jansen of Zelna Jansen Consultancy who as an expert on parliamentary procersses has written several articles touching on the budget process, has decided to create a video to give members of the public an overview.
This brief video focuses on the role that Parliament plays in the budget process as it is the representative of the people and it is also more transparent than the executive process.
The intention is for the viewer to have a better understanding of the budget process.

Zelna Jansen who is a member regularly shares her insights into state processes especially on matters where there are public participation processes where citizens can give their input to parliamentary portfolio committees like for example was the case with Land Expropriation Without Compensation.
We usually then share those links with you on our Facebook Page.
We hope that in future she will be making more of these informative videos so that our members and visitors can become more aware of how we as citizens can directly engage government when important decisions are being made,  

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