18 years ago Ernest, Lois, Naseera, Nigel and Richard met as strangers from different parts of South Africa during the first season of a very popular show called Coco Cola Popstars, South Africa.
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The five of them made it all the way to the Top 10 of one of South Africa’s first reality tv shows. Following the show they were signed to EMI/Virgin and released their first single ‘phenomenal’ in November 2002.
The album ‘ain’t it funny’ followed a year later featuring the fan favourite ‘my coldest war’, penned by their very own Nigel Morkel. They have all gone on to do well in their individual music careers but decided to reunite during this pandemic and share this message of love, unity and family.
A message from the Group:
The message of the song is as relevant today as it was 18years ago. Coming together from our homes in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi. Afro-z is reunited with one message. We can do anything if we stand united.

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