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The David versus Goliath story of Imraahn Mukaddam, the bread reseller who blew the whistle on bread price-fixing in South Africa. The documentary explores the turmoil Imraahn faces taking on the corporate food machine in the quest for social justice.
In 2007 the four largest bread manufacturers in South Africa formed one of the worst cartels in our country's history. Bread prices spiked, leaving less food on the table for the poorest of the poor. Slapped with a multi-billion rand fine, the cartel was broken up, all because of the actions of one whistleblower: Imraahn Mukaddam.
Plot Outline
Crumbs is a tale of David versus Goliath -- the front line in the moral struggle between greed versus humanism. The documentary explores the legal, financial and personal turmoil of Imraahn's fight against the corporate food machine in the quest for accountability and social justice.
Basic Info:
Created: 2012
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Documentary
Directed By Dante Greeff & Richard Finn Gregory
Produced By Tristram Atkins, Mauritz Grundlingh & Cisca Meyer

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