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The Inspire Network has started an Affiliation Program with Soup Kitchens & Feeding Schemes in the areas they serve and It is Showing Great Results.
*In Unity There Is Strength*
The Covid-19 lockdown has brought to light the desperation of many homes, where there is not enough to feed the household. Many good samaritans have taken up the challenge to provide to the needy, and by forming an alliance they have achieved more than if they did so on their own.
The Inspire Network celebrates these individuals, mostly mothers in the community, but also many men and women who are finding ways to make a difference.

We also celebrate and thank all the donors from near and far who contribute to our Poverty Relief Efforts in and around Elsies River as well as where we are able to in other surrounding districts.
Please continue to share what you can, and let's make a difference in the lives of thousands of people each week.
The Inspire Network is a Registered #NPO.
If you are able to assist The #Inspire #Network in any way with our efforts to support affiliated #SoupKitchens and #FeedingsSchemes in the areas we reach, that is not only Elsies River & Surrounding Areas but also in a few Other Neighbouring Districts & Beyond, then please contact Steve Ross on 0813898026.
Financial Donations will also go a long way in assisting The Inspire Network in reaching many more people in need.
Inspire Network Banking Details:-
Bank: Nedbank
Acc. Name: Inspire Network NPO
Acc. Number: 1192 393 317
Acc. Type: Cheque
Branch Code: 10441000
Thank you to everyone who have in the past and who still continues to support the work we do.
This message is brought to you by and Fifth Element Live on behalf of The #InspireNetwork & #InspireElsies.
#SoupKitchen #FeedingScheme #PovertyRelief
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