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Check out our Tribute to Jaak Spraak written by Shameema Williams.
In Memorium – Jacques ‘Jaak Spraak’ Jacobs (1975 – 2017)

'Sweet' ('sweat' in Afrikaans) is the first single from Jaak's debut solo album, Flêtse Maniere.

Sweet is a track about the everyday struggles of the people of the Flêtse (the ghetto housing projects of the Cape Flats) - from the mundane, like remembering to buy safety pins for the baby's nappy, to the the more substantial, like poor service delivery and crime. All these struggles make the people sweat to make ends meet whilst striving to make their dreams come true.

Directed, shot and edited by Christian Denslow & Garth von Glehn for Greenhaus Productions.

Track produced by Hipe.

Shot entirely on location in Paarl, South Africa.

Listen to, and download, Flêtse Maniere for FREE at Bandcamp:

©2010 Pioneer Unit Records

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