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The Imbongi for Sona 2019, the poet Bradley Van Sitters, ushered President Ramaphosa into the National Assembly.
It was an emotional and moving moment in the House as Van Sitters, a representative of the Khoi people, brought a focus to the indigenous people population of southwestern Africa who have struggled to be recognised, often seen as the forgotten people of South Africa.
Representatives of the Khoi have been fighting for government to recognise them as the first nation of South Africa, holding a number of protests over the past few years outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria.
English Translation of Imbongi praises by Bradley Van Sitters at the State of the Nation Address 
Language of our ancestors
language of our fore parents
language of my mother
My language
Welcome to ||Hui!Gaeb (Cape Town)
Our leader welcome
Creator bless the words of this leader so it can strengthen us. Let the name of the Creator Tsui||Goatse be lifted high
We honour, we are in praise and we are thankful that the Creator carried us through the day. Please guard over us during the night.
Creator help us to unite for our heritage
Creator bless our coming in and bless our going out. Bless everything that is said and bless everything that is heard. Bless us in our journey to inherit the Kingdom of the Heavens.
Our Creator  ... Creator of our ancestors. Our father Tsui ||Goatse
Oh let it rain
Let everything live please
We are very weak
From thirst and hunger
Let us eat the veldkos
Aren't thou not our Creator that we might honour thee
Our Father
Tsui ||Goatse

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