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This amazing and entertaining musical, directed by Soli Philander, is playing at the Josephs Stone Auditorium from the 25th to the 28th October. 
Facebook celebrities, Waffles and Mo, are part of the extremely funny cast.
Steve Ross of Inspire Network spoke to them about their roles and their views on the "Mr Pannekoek & The Factory Girls" musical.
Tickets are available from House of RAD opposite Athlone stadium or Call 0216966992 / 0733086758
Special Notice
As part of their fundraising drive, the income of tickets bought from the Inspire Network for the night of the 25th October, will be shared with the Inspire Network NPO.

So call them to get your tickets for that night and have a great evening while supporting the Inspire Network too.
For these tickets, please call Imraahn Mukaddam on 0847817122 or Steve Ross on 0813898026. Limited tickets available.

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