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There are only 48 members, making it an exclusive club. And several of those aren't players, so the barometer for a player to earn this kind of legacy is even more difficult to clear - especially when the player only played 18 games with the team. New York Giants Face masks
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Pace wouldn’t rule out anything today, including Nick Foles or Mitchell Trubisky under center in 2021, acquiring a starting quarterback in a blockbuster trade, signing a quarterback in free agency or drafting a quarterback in the first round.

.@MikeGarafolo was on a few minutes ago with @JasonPuckett20 & @Slickhawk12. Mike shares the interest of the Bears regarding Russell Wilson & that the Seahawks want to keep Russ. Kansas City Chiefs Face masks

But how does the Eagles’ recent drafting compare with other teams? Enter the beautiful minds at Pro Football Focus.

Apart from playing on his obvious desire to have enough cap space to allow the team to put competent teammates around him, there’s a more pragmatic question to ask: Would another team pay him $19 million this year, if he were a free agent? Seattle Seahawks Face masks

That’s a stark change from the Matt Patricia regime, though it does include holdover OL coach Hank Fraley, a longtime NFL center. Adding in RB coach Duce Staley, defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and QB coach Mark Brunell and the Lions have several recognizable former NFL names on Campbell’s staff.

Okay look this dude is lying if the ravens did offer me during the season they wouldn’t tell you because it’s against leagues rules. And me and my team ain’t talking to dawg so where he getting his info?

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