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16 years 9 months ago #2303 by waznti
As one of the people here have mentioned,there is a lot of tension between colored and black in the Western Cape.
Now certain people are going to find this very hard to comprehend,because they aspire to the adage that we are all black and should be united against the traditional enemy,the whites, in the other camp.
It just so happens that as many coloreds that see themselves as black,there are many who dont.They feel that they have more in common with whites.Now you can say that whites have oppressed us,so how can colored people feel like this.
Well it just so happens that many colored people have white parents or relatives.Albeit that whites goes to great lenghts to deny this similarity in blood.On the other hand do blacks actually have an affinity for coloreds,and do they see them as black.I dont think so!
Because of this you find in the ANC ranks in the Western Cape,on the one side the moderates,who accepted Ebrahim Rasool as the ANC leader and the premier.Opposing them you find the Skwatja group who believe that the premier and the ANC leader should be black.They are in fact the black power group.Now this group definately do not believe that coloreds are black at all,and hence the fight within the ANC ranks in the Western Cape.
If we move away from politics and just move to the every-day man on the street,we find that yes coloreds are feeling the pinch.The Western Cape are being flooded with rural blacks that are competing with them in all sectors of their lives.Jobs,housing etc.You find now a situation where these rural blacks are now first in line for any state benefits,at the expense of the colored person who also needs those benefits.So a black person moves to the Cape,has virtually no experience to do a job will by law never-the-less recieve that job,irrespective of a colored person being a local and more qualified for that job.
Colored peoplewhom have been waiting forever on housing lists,are ignored in favour of the people recently from the rural areas.
All they have to do is protest,burn a few tyres,and the government immediately starts on housing projects like the N2 Gateway.This obviously to placate their traditional voter base.

Now you think about a man in the street,who has a family to feed,witnessing these things.A man who cannot find a job in the contruction trade,because the jobs are all allocated to blacks who provide a readily available,cheap,unskilled workforce.When he reads in the papers that the City Council has had a twenty billion rand loss,due to failed black empowerment(real blacks) construction contracts.
These things are causing thunder clouds to gather on the horison,and when the storm bursts it is not going to be a nice sight


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16 years 9 months ago #2304 by lonelypixel
Well said...I agree 200% ;)

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