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16 years 9 months ago #2340 by waznti
Amen!, to Zimcolored for that.This is a subject that I have been wondering about fo a while.Especially when I looked at the plight of the colored people in Botswana.It might come as a surprise to some that there are actually coloreds over there.These coloreds are mostly desendant from the Khoi that lived there at the time Botswana recieved independance.
Sadly it happened that they never recieved any status,or recognition of existance.The logic over there was that they should just merge into the rest of the population.This actually happened as nobody was there to fight for their existance.
The colored people of Namibia are also in this very precarious position.
Yet today you still find coloreds up there,like here who fly the patriotic flag,even though their existance is not recognised.
The only difference,as Zimcolored points out is our numbers in SA.This is the only reason that we are recognised as a group,and then you still find certain individuals that try to remove that identity by calling themselves black.
If ever we are going to survive as a group we have to maintain one identity and stop thinking of ourselves as any different to the next colored no matter what his background might be.Even if we are in Zim,Namibia,SA or Botswana.
This will be the only recipe of bcoming strong and making a difference.


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