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16 years 9 months ago #3856 by blackstar
You know I just hit this site for like the second time and i was reading an article by the Administrator where reference was made to a DVD and Documentary broadcast that will be happening soon. Something along the lines of South africa as seen through the eyes of the coloured person. who exactly are they talking about here?

I come from one of the more notorious coloured area, then again which coloured area isn't notorious in their own right? I am not from Cape Town tho. Although I have to accede to the fact that there is the greatest concentration of coloured people there, don't tell a story about Cape Town or Jo-Burg or anywhere and say that it is the story of "coloured people". You got a story to tell then tell it, but don't try and sell it as "our" story coz it's not.

When I think about this flick I can imagine all this visuals of the abject poverty and general apathy of the township. showing my people doing drugs, tales of violence direct from jail. then what they do is they switch it on you and show you "all the people from the ghetto that made it". I am nt saying it makes for a bad documentary, and I am not trying to dispute the reality of this type of documentary. I am just saying - THAT IS NOT THE FULL STORY!

Truthfully, I hope I am wrong. I hope that this Documentary really does try to represent all that is coloured and not just the coon carnival. I hope that in some way I do identify with it and it does tell "our story" but I doubt it. More Likely it will be some bourgeios distortion and explotation of a people who might not have a rich heritage or blue-blood lineage, but we DEFINATELY have a story to tell, those of us that are living it are just waiting for someone to tell it......

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16 years 9 months ago #3940 by CritiKill
I hope that this Documentary really does try to represent all that is coloured and not just the coon carnival. I hope that in some way I do identify with it and it does tell "our story" but I doubt it.

On the one hand you seem supportive, then apprehensive, then downright pessimistic. The project is still in its infancy and we're hoping to spawn more projects which seek to capture different aspects of that elusive Coloured "experience". Heck, if Schuster can put out spinning tripe like Mr Bones and Mama Jack, then surely we can try our hand at shooting a documentary:-)

I think it's a bit naive to think that the entire "Coloured story" can be captured in one documentary. The idea behind the documentary came about after interacting with the many musicians and artists that we have come into contact with and the sense of hopelessness and despair that they have in trying to get their product out there. The lack of a viable media channel that targets the Coloured community of South Africa is certainly something lacking in the South African diaspora and it is definitely something that we feel could stimulate our country and our economy in some very new and interesting ways.

While every group in South Africa has very active, thriving and government sponsored media channels, the Coloured community seems to be wholly ignored by the powers that be. Is it the numerous questions around our identity that prevent us from having any media channels? Are we our own worst enemies in acquiring media representation? Are we content with having our stories told by white folk and screened on Special Assignment once in a blue-moon focussing on the most negative aspects of our society?

A good question you raise there @ Blackstar...what exactly is the full story with regards to Coloured people?

While it would be very arrogant of me to try and give definitive answers, you can rest assured that will tirelessly work at attempting to unravel all that it is to be Coloured.

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16 years 9 months ago #3945 by blackstar

Thanks for that Critikill. i don't suppose i looked at it like that. If i seemed overly-cynical it is because of all those Special Assignment Doccies. Dude, this misrepresentation, even in our own communities, gets to me.

supportive - most definitely, of anything positive.
apprehensive - only because of past poor illustrations.
pessimistic - not of my people or doubt in the competence of coloured people to make a documentary about themselves(especially one to do with music).

Truthfully it is just ignorance on my part - i don't know the producers or the team on this project at all. I don't know what their vision was when they set out. I judged the project on a whole, on the content of the site and more especially the forum. i don't claim to be an intellectual - but i despise those who do. just because you are reasonably articulate, doesn't neccesarily make you a guru.

I hate Leon Man. dude is making money on racial profiling and stereotyping - but then again someone must be watching for dude to keep churning out this puerile sh*t.

Never mind Media representation - we are our own worst enemy period. You know as a line in your next documentary outing - there is this guy that lives on our square that's almost crippled by drug abuse - dude won Bronze at the world championships of gymnastics in spain back in the day. you listen to Dead Prez? Think of that track "Wolves" - funny how someone across sea's can paint a picture so vivid of what I see everyday...

never mind arrogant Broe, thanks for the angle - can't wait for the DVD.

Peace, Love and Respect My Brother.

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16 years 9 months ago #3947 by CritiKill
I'm a huge Dead Prez fan, and that track Wolves is so very relevant to what is happening in the Coloured community today.

African-Americans discovered early on in their plight that having media access and media control was critical to the success off their endeavours. In South Africa, it appears that we're so indoctrinated and immobilised by some weird distortion of non-racial rhetoric that we seem fearful of seeking a media channel which targets us. Ask anybody if they'll support the establishment of a national radio station that targets Coloured people and they'll immediately start jabbering about non-racial this and apartheid is over and why do we wanna be separate and this and that...

The reality of the situation is that this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with race or racism or separatism or whatever. It has more to do with equality. You have a definable, identifiable group of people that comprise about 8% of the population, yet they have no media channel of their that fair? If you wanna talk about equality, then either take away every other social group's media channel so that they can be voiceless like us, or give us our own media channel so that we can at the very least, have a voice.

This documentary we're planning is just a small, significant way we plan to show that we are capable of representing ourselves and telling our own stories.

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16 years 9 months ago #3951 by blackstar
CritiKill - time to hurt the system here dude.

If they don't want to give us then we take, and create channels:

when u bringing the real u don't get rotation
unless you take over the station
- turn off the radio(Dead prez)

Let's flood the street's here homie - ever heard of sound bombing? for the longest time i been wanting to establish a street team here in durb's.

Swamp the city with positivity - that's what we need to do.

U got product that you want to get to the people - Let's peddle it if we can't sell it. legally it's a grey area - but hey! Isn't that what they expect from us Brown Folk?

How do i get involved with this movement in a more hand's on way?

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16 years 9 months ago #3953 by Fukidol
I can't really see whats the big problem is when it comes to telling the coloured story..........Be smart in the way y'all go about it.Every time you see something about other races it really isn't what they are but rather a section of it,so if Special Assignment is showing doccies on drugs and alchohol abuse then why still include it in your doccie....F$%k it ..........only emphasise on prominent Bruinou's

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16 years 9 months ago #3959 by Friend
Howzit my beautiful brown people...I've been lending my ears and I think it is now time to lend my 'voice' to this discussion.My problem is not with our story being told but with the fact that we have no medium through which to tell it.I'm from Durbs originally and anybody from there can relate to all the other community papers.For the char-ous there's the Sunday Times Extra,The Post on a Wed etc...There is Ilanga for the Zulus and we all know that all mainstream media is white controlled.

My point:
Ownership of media is important to any form of revolution...and that is what we are trying to do...Revolutionaise the way we are potrayed and the only way to do that is to own the means with which to portray ourselves.So maybe it's time the Coloured community i.e. business people etc started putting our money where our mouth is...Peace!

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16 years 9 months ago #3962 by nazT
Hey dudes and dudettesB)

I totally agree with all of that I have been reading with regard to this topic thus far and I think that getting our powerful Bruinous to contribute to giving our people a voice is a great idea!
Since the 'new South Africa' came into being, the coloured people have made the mistake of fading into the backround while all the other racial groups made a point of staking a claim to ensure that they were all well looked after. Everybody looked on as radio stations, tv channels etc were established for the other groups to ensure that 'everybody' was catered for.
The reason why we are finding it so difficult now is because we should have jumped on the band wagon ages ago but that does not mean that we have to discouraged!!!
There is a stigma attached to coloured people that will take years to shed but we have to start telling our side of the story and it is going to take a whole lot of documentaries to get our point across. It is because of this that we have to be supportive and encouraging of the people who are taking the first steps to ensure that we start moving in a positive direction. (THANK GOD FOR THIS WEBSITE AND THEIR BRILLIANT IDEAS).
It is clear as day that we cannot tell our story in one sitting but how can we if we have such a rich history and such diverse people to talk about?
I too would like to know how I can lend my support to this project because I think it is great idea and the more imput we can get from the people this will be about, the better. I look forward to the day we can produce this product to the world and say, "HEY THIS IS WHAT WE REALLY ARE ABOUT AND WE ARE DAMN PROUD TO BE JUST THAT."
We need to change the way the country/world sees us and then the world is our oyster and we can only go from strength to strength!!!

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16 years 9 months ago #4019 by Claudelle
critikill, you are right about the coloured story not being able to be told in one documentary. i do, however, think its a great idea and a powerful means of exposure for our coloured community.

the coloured community does seem to be egnored and in my opinion, we always have been. nazt was right by saying that we faded into the background, however this didnt take place after the arrival of the new south africa. i believe that we were always a "background" nation. when the white man governed south africa, we were too black to be white, therefore we werent white enough to benefit the great jobs etc etc. now that the black man governs the country, we are too white to be black and yet again, caught up in a situation where our skin tones and surnames wont help us attain any sort of preferance. my last name (whiteman) never got me any preferances in the new south africa. dont get me wrong i dont think your name or skin tone should help you attain anything, your education and skills should get you a job.but we all know that that isnt happening in south africa right now.

so since we will never be a apart of the "apartheid" reapers or the "affirmative action" reapers, we might as well do what we can to attain some recognition and pave the way for the next generation. i plan to raise my children in south africa. its a great place to live, however there are very few oppertunities for our coloured people right now.

so critikill, you deserve a pat on the back for exposing our coloured people. its time for south africa to realize that we are a force to be reconed with.

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