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16 years 9 months ago #4030 by blanxXx
I attended a predominantly Jewish school for the last 2 years of my high school which was an absolute culture shock for me because the most exposure i had ever had to the Jewish people and their lifestyle was through watching The Nanny!

I was shocked to discover that a lot of Jewish girls do not consider university as an option because they are expected to get married(ususally to a man of their parents choice) and have children.In my ignorance i thought arranged marriages were something reserved only for those in the most 'rural' parts of any country, i had never expected it to be happening in our own city where we're so quick to profess our rights(and rightully so..:) )

The greatest shock however was learning that most of these girls underwent plastic surgery while still in high school(some at age 14) The most common procedure being nose jobs,however some had liposuction and body sculpting done. This of course was done under parental instruction because within their community its no secret that the prettiest girl gets that the richest husband.

I have also discovered(through a lot of snooping) that many of my non Jewish friends also underwent nose and breast jobs and it made me wonder how prevelant plastic surgery actually is amongst us. Is it happening within the Coloured/Black/Indian/Purple communities? I'd like to know what your opinion on plastic surgery is and whether or not you think its okay for school girls to undergo these procedures....Muchas Gracias

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