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16 years 8 months ago #7745 by Redhot
why do sum girls give consent to guys to use them and then thro them away???

I dont get it, dont u have sum worth at all, or is it that u so used of this kind of attention that u fail to see the worth in u!!!! I think that all women of all character shud be able to say that this is how much Im worth and no-one will tell me otherwise!!!!!

I feel so naar sumtimes wen women look at themselves and say...." I met this new guy and I have to lose sum weight so the next time I see him he can actually put his arms around me!!" You are special and if u are happy with how u are then good for u, and changing for a man will never make u who u are, only u can do that for yourself!!!!

So girls this important , tell me wat u think and how u feel on this topic as this topic affects all women across the world, English or Spanish, Chinese or Mexican.

" Excellence is not an act, its a habit"

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16 years 8 months ago #7750 by Claudelle
redhot, you are right, these girls do give men permission to use them, thats why i dont feel sorry for them.
we teach others how to treat us, if you allow men to treat you bad, they will do it. if you dont allow it, they will either change, or move on. either way, you win!

i dont see anything wrong with trying to look good for you man, but i dont think you should base your enter relationship on outter appearances. thats shallow. a man should love you the way you are, if you do decide to loose weight, it should be about you, not him!

i think alot of women need to get some confidence.
be secure in yourself and know your self worth. dont lower yourself and allow yourself to be used. someone once tried to tell me that i was a "perdy" for being monogomous, but thats fine with me. monogomy is better than hootchie!

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16 years 8 months ago #7753 by meecegirl
Too many a times have a seen or heard of this happening, and I know by NOW I sound like a scratched record…but you have to LOVE yourself UNCONDITIONALLY first before looking outside for anything.

Why some girls are that way Redhot is cause they have a lack of self love, a lack of self security, a lack of confidence and if you allow someone else to dictate you personality inside or out or abuse you then you definitely have a lack of respect for yourself.

As Claudelle said , if you allow people to treat you in that manner ofcourse they will run a merry mock with ya. I am glad that I have parents who installed such things in me from a very young age, which I feel is also another added issue to this cause.

The real you is more interesting than the fake someone else

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