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14 years 1 month ago #10676 by Likwidzoe
You have mos had a close acquantance with one Indian bra at sum stage in your life mos , so check this "larney" :

Two Lenasian cousins, Ravi and Pravesh, are walking down the street 1
day. They happen to come upon a crematorium.
Ravi promptly asks Pravesh, "hey no man my cousin, what's this
crematorium thing?"
Pravesh, "hey no man, how must I know?"
Ravi, "Well, run in there and check it out!"
Pravesh runs in, a couple minutes later he exits the crematorium
severely beaten, covered in his own blood.
Ravi, quite shocked, asks, "And now Pravesh, what happened to you man?"
Pravesh, "No man, I go inside, right!"
Ravi, "Right?"
Pravesh, "I see all these sad people standing around, right?"
Ravi, "Right?"
Pravesh, "So I ask them, hey what's cooking?"

Whaakaka ! hahaha ! Indians can be funny ekse, reminds of one bra of mine "Imesh" from Roshnee area code 016 hes was kak thing, legs looked like foken two broom sticks, but he was always causing shit in the clubs and all an all ekse.....lekka windgat bra that, and he could "polish" a bottle Jack Daniels( am wearing my Old No7 Jack Daniels T shirt) like no one else clean ekse......!

nuff sed.........! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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2 months 4 days ago - 2 months 4 days ago #204259 by rtiiosl
Great joke! It is a bit cruel but funny. That is life reality. Honestly telling, I have no idea what Indian humor may look like. From this joke, I can make a conclusion that sometimes they need time to sort out what is happening around them. Am I right? And it creates a lot of funny situations in all spheres of life. Not very many Indians in my place . And what about you?
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