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2 months 1 week ago #204371 by WilliamR
He became only the third-ever member of the Heat to drop 40 in a playoff game, putting him in excellent company amidst former Heatles LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and made headlines after disclosing he didn’t invite any family to the NBA bubble, calling it strictly a “business trip.”

But the lack of discipline and attention to detail hasn't been OK with Paul and Russell Westbrook, ultimately leading to breakups between Harden and those two stars.

"As we enter the season, all of the protocols and daily testing and travel reduction leave us feeling that we've taken the proper precautions to be as safe as possible," Carlisle told ESPN on Tuesday night. "That said, we know there are many more variables this season and we'll need to be flexible and able to pivot quickly."

The Saints' defense put up a valiant effort against Mahomes and the Chiefs' offense but ultimately ran out of gas with Kansas City running 92 offensive plays and possessing the ball for 41 minutes, 14 seconds.<a href=" nbadesign.com/new-york-jets/ ">Phoenix Suns</a>

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And the Rockets considered it good business to do what Harden wanted to keep a historically elite player happy. But when Harden tried to rush the Rockets to trade him in recent weeks despite the lack of an offer that they considered fair value, it wasn't the annual ultimatum for improvement. It was something more.<a href=" nbadesign.com/denver-broncos/ ">Detroit Pistons</a>

When Wood positions himself in the right spot, Houston’s defense should be sound. When he steps in the wrong direction, focuses on his own man instead of the ball, or incorrectly assumes what the offense is about to do, it will splinter.<a href=" nbadesign.com/cincinnati-bengals/ ">Cleveland Cavaliers</a>

In the past, there was no limit on how many people teams wanted to have along on trips; it was strictly a matter of how many they were willing to pay for to take on the road. Now, though, there is a hard limit of 45 people who can be part of the travel party. For some teams, that won't matter. For others, it will cause major headaches.<a href=" nbadesign.com/philadelphia-eagles/ ">Sacramento Kings</a>

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