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This fun, tongue-in-cheek and at times mischievously irreverent new stage experience is presented by the National Theatre of Namibia and promises to not only give us insight into Namibian Khoi-Coloured Culture with a focus on its Drag Community but also draw parallels with South African Khoi-Coloured communities, and not simply from an LGBTQI+ point of view, because the idea is to explore much broader issues of Coloured Identify in Namibia.

Caribbean songstress Judy Boucher has teamed up with Cape Town's very own Afro Ninja DJ Uncle Cal for a remake of her classic hit song Can't Be WIth You Tonight.
Judy Boucher is still a perennial favourite among South African music lovers and audiences since the early 1980's and has for a long time been a regular visitor to our shores, sometimes just for a little holiday but more recently with sold-out shows in Cape Town where she still has a massive fan base who we are sure will love this new take on her classic hit along with all her other fans all around the world.

Ghoema Woema is an exiting and lively documentary taking a look into the culure of Cape Jazz.
The Unique Music Style, The Dance Style and The Jazz Club Culture are all intertwined to define what is Cape Jazz. 
Saturday, 21 November 2020 23:56

Having a Business, a Public Persona and NO LIFE

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I haven't really slept last night...
Since early evening, as I was doing my laundry on a clear warm Friday evening that was stunningly perfect for end-of-week sundowners which, mind you, I cannot afford to have, have no way to attend or let alone host, I have been wondering...
Not saying that I would just give up and stop doing what I'm doing, but...

After the murder of owner Glenn Fortune, The Oasis jazz club becomes the centre of a power struggle between two brothers, a scorned widow and an organised crime syndicate.

Skemerdans literally translates to "Dusk Dance" and plays itself out as a dusk-till-dawn depiction of the Cape Flats nightlife and nightclub scene.

Wednesday, 07 October 2020 20:35

Action Kommandant Now On Showmax

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The 2016 film Action Kommandant that tells the story of South African freedom fighter, Ashley Kriel is finally available on Showmax.
Ashley Kriel grew up in a working class family on the Cape Flats and came to be recognized as the icon of South Africa's 1980's youth resistance.
The film is an intimate portrayal of this son, brother and revolutionary who became known as the Che Guevara of Bonteheuwel.

Tuesday, 08 September 2020 11:31

My Personal Assistant Gayle

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Many years ago, I had an assistant named Gayle!
She had her own email address; she booked all of my appointments, kept a diary of to-do stuff, helped me organize the office, you know? Personal Assistant stuff!

Monday, 07 September 2020 10:55

Targets On Coloured Backs

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#JusticeForNathanielJulies and other Coloured Boys With Targets On Their Backs

With the killing of 16 year-old Nathaniel Julies at the hands of police officers, regular content contributor Angelo C Louw prompts us to take a more critical look at the disproportionately higher occurrences of police brutality that is particularly aimed at Coloured males.

Police gunned a 16-year-old Eldorado Park boy living with Down syndrome with nothing but biscuits in his hand, allegedly because he couldn’t answer them as they interrogated him. Residents say that the officer then dragged him by the neck into the back of a police van, preventing his father from accompanying them to the hospital. When there, police told doctors that he was involved in gang violence.

Perennial favourites, comedians Dillan Oliphant & Jason Goliath both have their shows ranking in the Top 10 on the Showmax streaming service.

So though you won’t be able to laugh hysterically at their jokes in a crowded comedy club anytime soon, Showmax has stepped into the gap with an ever-growing binge-fest of laughs guaranteed to put a smile on your dial, even in 2020. Here are seven of the top 10 most popular local comedians on Showmax so far this year, in alphabetical order with preview videos of their shows.

Sunday, 19 July 2020 10:58

Fire Causes Huge Loss at Orphanage

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On Saturday morning, 18 July 2020 the Holy Cross Child & Youth Care Centre Orphanage near Belhar cemetery was severely damaged by a fire that unfortunately caused all the children there to lose most of their personal belongings.
We call on our readers, registered members, followers, partners and friends to please assist the Inspire Network NPO in rendering relief services to the  Holy Cross Orphanage.