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As you well know, is all about challenging the rules, challenging the system and creating a credible, far-reaching, community-centric communication and interactive media framework for the Coloured community of South Africa to not only find itself, but also export itself to the world on its own terms. After more than 3 years of the website being in non-stop operation and going from strength to strength (minus the odd hiccup here and there), let’s face it…during this time, you’ve come to LOVE  - You’ve met STACKS of new, cool, interesting people through You’ve been enlightened, informed, challenged and some of your more aged modes of thinking on race, society and culture have been thoroughly tested. You think that next to the cat’s whiskers, must surely be the pup’s nuts! You wanna roll up your sleeves and give back to this community that helps you walk with a bounce in your step and has restored your faith in your community which you were on the verge of writing off…you just don’t know how to go about helping though…right? 

Well, we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of simple things that you can do in order to help achieve the next phase of its growth. After all, is not anywhere close to the mighty Facebook or MySpace or any of the other online behemoth in terms of cash flow, funding and number of users…however, what it lacks in corporate appeal and glitzy applications, it makes up for in authenticity; character; originality; sincerity and our 2 key ingredients…heart and soul! really is all about you. To help us expedite the transition to our next phase of growth, we’re gonna be calling on you, our loyal, esteemed and valued members to help us out. We’d LOVE to have a fulltime graphics crew or a few fulltime journalists on the team trawling the streets writing articles about you…unfortunately...we’re still trying to crack that cryptic money-code which will make it all possible…which is where you come in. We need your help to get things to the next level and seeing as we’re far too proud to ask for donations, we’ve got a whole host of simple, effective things which you could do to help us out. Here we go…in no particular order:

    1) Events – Occasionally, will team up with a few strategic partners and organize a ROCKING event in order for our members to hookup in the real world. Our events also serve the purpose of helping ease the operating costs of the website and thus, to keep the site free. The more people that attend our events, the more revenue we have available to plough back into server costs, advertising, content sourcing, marketing and R&D. Wanna help Then if you’re not planning on attending an event, at the very least, forward the details to your friends and encourage them to attend in your place.

    2) Support our Advertisers – will be embarking on a MASSIVE drive to get more advertisers to advertise on the website and in our newsletter. As advertisers are really only driven by the amount of interest their ads generate, we ask that you PLEASE support us by clicking on our advertiser’s banners; visiting their websites; enquiring about their products or services and supporting their businesses. After all, is built on the premise of people helping people out and if we can show advertisers that the user base is economically active, we’d have made a quantum leap forward in moving to the next phase of our growth.

    3) Refer-Friends-To-Register – Like any medium, is judged almost solely by the size of its member database. We’re well aware that there are so many other interesting sites on the web that offer cool free services that stroke your ego…like cool Facebook applications that remind you how beautiful and popular and sexy you are…to websites that have news articles updated every few nanoseconds. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. We still need you to refer your friends and family to register as we’re currently trying to woo some advertisers to spend some money with us…in so doing, we’ll be able to afford the journalism and graphics team to take things to the next logical level. It’s easy to refer friends and you earn Karma points for every friend you refer. Simply login to, click the “My Profile” link in your user menu…then use the “Invite-Tool” to painlessly invite your friends to join you on your favourite website. The more users, the more people we reach with news about you…the better for everybody! If you have friends that know about but just cannot be bothered to register, then by all means…GWAAR THEM for being silly to not wanna join the revolution!!

    4)  The Online Shop – At the end of September, the Looooooong awaited online shop will be going live. Initially, we will only be selling t-shirts, but the range WILL grow. When the shop goes live…do the right thing…and HOOK YOURSELF UP!!! Better still, hook everybody in your house up…everybody in your road…nothing says “I CARE ABOUT YOU” kinda like a t-shirt…after all…you are what you wear! ;-)

There you have it, a few easy things which you can do to ensure that gets to where it needs to go…and when WE ARRIVE…we can all tell our kids about the journey we embarked on to get there!