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Campaign to nominate SAME Chairman to the SABC Board Featured

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Chaza Strategic Management (CSM), a high-level business consultancy and entrepreneur incubator headed by Enver Buys, is spearheading a nomination campaign for Mr. Ronald Dyers, the current Chairperson of the South African Movement for Equality (SAME) to see Mr Dyers become a member of the SABC Board. The decision to nominate Mr. Ronald Dyers comes after numerous meetings with community stakeholders who conceded that the best way to effect change within the public broadcaster, is from within, by having a suitably qualified and capable person of Mr Dyers' calibre on the SABC Board. Mr Ronald Dyers has unreservedly accepted his nomination to serve as Board of Director at the SABC and this decision is unequivocally and enthusiastically supported by and myself (Charles Ash).

Having met Ronald Dyers a few years back and worked extensively with him on numerous projects, I can personally vouch for the sincere and unwavering commitment which Mr Dyers has for his community. A consumate professional, an excellent negotiator (after many years as a negotiator for worker unions), an organised facilitator and a man of decisive action, Mr Dyers is somebody who will represent the community's interests in a balanced, fair and responsible manner. Fluent in 4 South African languages, the effervescent Ronald Dyers is in my view, the ideal representative to the SABC Board to ensure the Board delivers on its mandate.

A resident of Riverlea, Johannesburg, Mr Ronald Dyers has been leading the charge as chairman of SAME in often spirited talks with SABC management for the last 12 months. The focus of the talks has been on the absence of content for the Khoi-San, Griqua and Coloured communities. Mr Ronald Dyers has been and continues to be actively involved in the development of radio and television development in minority communities all over the country.

In order to effect nomination of Ronald Dyers to the SABC Board, we hereby implore you, the members and concerned members of the community to send nomination letters to the offices of Chaza Strategic Management and state your support of the nomination of Ronald Dyers to the SABC Board as Chaza Strategic Management will be doing a collective nomination for Mr Ronald Dyers. We cannot sit idly by while our communities are denied access to state media facilities.
By now you're probably wondering just who this Ronald Dyers person is? Well, we compiled a brief synopsis of Mr Dyers' notable achievements and to give you a snapshot of this fiery, charismatic and highly capable community leader.

Synopsis of Ronald S Dyers...

  • Founder and Chairman of SAME (
  • Adviser to (
  • Writer of the prolific, non-apologetic and challenging poem: "Coloured in Technicolor: I am a Kullid!" )
  • Lobbyist for fair representation of all cultures on SABC
  • Presenter of 'Devil's Advocate' on Eldos FM
  • Reverend, Minister, Strategist, Community Worker and Business Entrepreneur

Help us in promoting the nomination of the capable and determined Ronald Dyers to the SABC Board in order to help effect the change we so desperately seek to see at our public broadcaster! The nominations close on 31 July 2009.

How can you help?
Just write a small letter indicating your confirmation of approval that Mr Ronald S Dyers should We've simplified this task for you by creating a brief email tenplate for you to use to speed up the nomination process.

Copy this letter, include at least one contact detail of yours, past to email and forward to us. Send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Minister of Communications
Parliament: Republic of South Africa

I would like to nominate Mr Ronald S Dyers as a board member of the SABC. I highly recommend him due to the integrity shown by him over the years, his involvement in community work and his sense of promoting equality for all South Africans as per our Constitution.

Kind regards,


Please also forward to your friends!

Contact: Enver Buys
082 634 4585
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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