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Revenue Opportunity: Killing 3 birds with 1 stone (shame, poor birds) Featured

Written by Charles Ash
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Attentive users will have noticed that, after 4 years of good service, has changed its slogan from “The Brand, The People, The Lifestyle” to a more declarative and rallying “We Are Here!”. The reasons for the change will be communicated to you within the week so stay tuned for the details of this significant change in approach. For now, we have an amazing revenue opportunity with multiple spinoffs for you and your community.

I did say that the next email you receive from me will be an email that has WIN-WIN written all over it. Well, I lied. This email actually has WIN-WIN-and-WIN-again on every inch of it. Here's the deal:

As a highly relevant, well known niche online community, is looking to sell its significant community advertiser inventory to businesses active in the community. Highly prominent, specially created advertiser spots have been published on both the website and in the email newsletter to ensure that advertisers get MAXIMUM visibility when they advertise with us (details in the attached rate card). Add to this the fact that for years, we've been encouraging a “Capitalist N!gg3r” type approach to community economics (as illustrated by this article from a few years back) and you know that an advert on is one sure way to make your business visible to economically active movers and shakers who really do want to support their community economy (ie. YOUR business!).

Here's the deal:

  • We're looking for freelance sales agents who can spread the word about the advertising opportunities on For every business that signs up for an advertising package and specifies the name, email address and cell number of the referring independent sales agent, we will pay that sales agent 20% of the value of the advertising as soon as we receive payment. That's the first WIN! 
  • Have you noticed that over the years, while lots of hoo-haa has been made about the lack of a bursary fund which benefits students from the bruin communities, very little has come of this and I'm yet to hear of a sustainable, broad-based initiative which seeks to reward academic excellence for students from the bruin districts. Well, we'd like to put your money where our mouth is. For every advert sold on, we will contribute 15% of the advert value to the “Cody Ash Bursary Fund”. The mechanics and details of the bursary fund are still to be ironed out, however, the idea is to provide a full bursary for the top performing student from any ex-House of Representatives school in South Africa. The bursary fund is named after my unreachable, unteachable autistic son, Cody Ash. I thought a bursary fund would be a fitting tribute to his life and the lessons he has taught me, the motivation I get from his presence and the joy I get from his quirky antics. Here's your chance to make a lasting contribution to the next generation. That's the 2nd WIN! 
  • BUT, that's not all folks. For years now, we've been educating you about the dire need for SABC funded media for the Coloured community (a national radio station aimed at the bruin mense). So much so that we've been actively lobbying, campaigning and working behind the scenes to remedy this despicable situation which sees a census defined group denied equal access to state media resources, this in a country of purported equality. The organisation spearheading this campaign is the non-profit, section 21 organisation called SAME (South African Movement for Equality). As a director and founder of SAME, I can personally attest to the effort and thankless labour which has gone into this campaign to secure media rights for Coloured South Africans. The case against the SABC is constitutionally sound and we wish to have this matter seen before the highest court in the land. Of course, court cases are not cheap, particularly ones which can turn into drawn out affairs as they expose malignant, systemic, legacy discriminations which bedevil our social system and leave entire swathes of the population disenfranchised and disempowered. For every advert placed on, we will donate 15% to the SAME war-chest in order that the organisation is able to take the fight to the SABC and secure a landmark victory for you and every bruin person that has ever felt justifiably excluded by state media.

To recap:

BruinChild Investments cc. proud owners of, will make the following payouts on every advert sold in the community advertiser spots on the website:

Who benefits
Percentage payout
Who wins!
The independent referring sales agent 20% You win!
The “Cody Ash Bursary Fund” 15% A deserving student wins! 15% We all WIN!

It's simple really, there are 100's if not 1000's of bruin-owned business' across this country and we need you to let them know about this amazing opportunity to kill 3 birds with one precision-engineered-stone.

We need you to visit regularly (to boost our traffic figues and give us more advertiser inventory) and we need you to click on our advertiser's banners and support their businesses in order for this to be a sustainable, long-term, fruitful and mutually beneficial endeavour.

The rate card details the advertising packages and their costs. We're certain that you will find this opportunity fair and worthwhile and will give it your full support.

Spread the AWEHness!
Charles “Help-me-help-you” Ash

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