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Miseducation - The Cape Flats through 11 year old Kelina's Eyes. Featured

Written by Ryan Swano
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Kelina on her way to school. - Screengrab Image
What's your walk to school like when, everyday, you have to cross one of the poorest parts of South Africa to get to class? Kelina then 11, now aged 15, is getting an education in a township in Cape Town, riddled with guns, drugs and violence. How does she see the world on her daily trip to school.

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In this 2012 short film produced by Ma'engere Film Productions & Steps International with Nadine Cloete directing and Steve Markovitz producing, Kelina shows us the world through her eyes.

In a chilling observation she says "A bullet doesn't have an address. It doesn't say where it's going."

A child should not have the constant concerns and fears which she has.
A child should not have the constant exposure to violence which she has.
These are the daily realities of many a child on the Cape Flats.
Their first priority is not to get an education, instead, their first priority is to stay alive.

WATCH: Mideducation - Why Poverty

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