Wednesday, 10 February 2016 13:27

The Death & Resurrection of Toekomsrus

Written by Ryan Swano
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Poet Grivon Jacobs of Beg2Differ ProjectsOne of the most beautiful girls the world had seen was born in 1890 with the purpose of serving a new mine. She is believed to have died in 2016.
After careful examination she was found to have died pregnant with possibilities, capabilities and inside her lied unseen abilities.
A miracle happens as she resurrects herself.
It’s from here, that the narrator / poet in the video tells the story of The Resurrection of Toekomsrus.  

The creators, Fresh Mind Photograhpy & BEG2Differ who we have told you about in a previous article,  attempt through this Poetic documentary/video to show the reality of the decaying condition of Toekomsrus and also encourage and bring hope as to how we can bring “her” back to life.

"The objective of this Poetic Video is to expose our current social ills and to encourage working together to build a better Toekomsrus.
We also aim to encourage story telling through various arts and thereby try to restore broken families through the symbolism of art."

Toekomsrus, affectionately known as Toekies by not only the community but by many from all over the country, has a vibrant culture of poetry and performing arts kept alive by many formations, including the JXK Poetry Corner of which we have mentioned some of their events in our past newsletters.

The poem itselfs employs Christian symbolism around the resurrection of Christ and the analogies come across as neither irreverent or as an overt attempt at evangelism, but whether one looks at it from a religious perspective or not, their message is clear that for rebirth to take place, one has to accept that the old 'self' must die.

Watch 'Toekomsrus Has Resurrected'

This Fresh Mind Photograhpy & BEG2Differ  project “Toekomsrus has Resurrected” was created by Jerome Botha, Quinton Philips, Thabiso Makhele & Grevon Jacobs with the input and help of many other collaborators.

To find out more about BEG2Differ projects you can Like Their Facebook Page.from wher you can also request the contact details should you want to get involved, support or collaborate with them.