Wednesday, 12 November 2014 17:34

Homelessness & Hunger is Everybody's Problem

Written by Ryan Swano
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Social Experiment Videos like the one further below are becoming quite common nowadays and many of them are staged but whether this one was staged or not, does not change the fact that more and more people are becoming homeless or have to battle hunger in big cities and small towns across the world, many times through a combination of unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. It is no different in South Africa

Just a few weeks ago we published the story of Charl BabyBoy Pilwan who before finding success in the music industry at one point ended up living on the streets of Surrey in England. His success story is just once again proof that anyone can end up homeless and hungry and also that anybody can triumph above homelessness and hunger.

No matter how well we plan our lives, homelessness and having to battle hunger can happen to almost anybody. There are many more people who are not homeless but who are constantly losing the battle against hunger and sometimes do end up begging on the street.

At most of the primary schools in my hometown there are at least a few children who go to school for one reason that is much bigger than their thirst for knowledge. They are there because it is the only place they are guaranteed of getting at least one full meal for the day from the Peninsula School Feeding Association kitchens set up at these schools.

Feeding poor families is also not an easy task as some goodhearted people have come to learn. Finding donations and financing for their projects is already quite difficult but their biggest difficulty lies in getting the food to those who need it most.

Persevering against many odds, the efforts by Pastor Oscar Peter Bougardt's Grace & Vleis Project is often hampered by bureaucracy and he is literally at times prevented by  the City's Law Enforcement Officers from donating meat and other food items to people in informal settlements or low-income townships across the Cape Peninsula.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA a 90-year-old man was arrested and faces jail time and / or a $500 fine for feeding the homeless.

The story in this video is one that should hopefully inspires us to appreciate our blessings and to look at homeless people with a real sense of compassion.

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