Tuesday, 09 July 2013 20:00

Sound Check

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When your boss mails you a video clip of your extra curricular antics during working hours, then threatens to upload it to Youtube if you don't ...you might have reason to be worried that your career is in trouble. Not sound engineer Cedrick Flandorp. He wasn't worried and did exactly what his boss wanted.

After setting up the massive sound required for an event at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cedrick aka Bix-C and his colleagues got bored waiting for the famous artists to arrive and decided that a proper mike check was needed.
He got his colleague Dashrin to hit the drums ...With Koki Pens!!!


Then Cedrick Bix-C jumped into some killer rhyming!!!

He wasn't aware his very impressed boss was recording his antics.

Cedrick aka Bix-C is a qualified sound engineer who has worked on big concerts and festivals, like the Cape Town International Jazz festival and the recent Snoop Dogg ooops... that's the Snoop Lion concert at the GrandWest Arena.

Watch Bix-C breaking it down on the CTICC stage.

Then besides being an accomplished Hip Hop MC working on his second EP as a teaser for his upcoming album, Cedrick is also a cummunity youth leader at the helm of a performing arts collective called The Bix-C 7490 Crew that specialises in dance  but covers a variety of disciplines from acting to visual arts displays.