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Madfingaz & Jean-Pierre. The New Black

Written by Ryan Swano
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After 25 years members have come & gone with only Emile YX? remaining as the core founding member throughout. Emile has now been joined by Madfingaz & Jean-Pierre and the next era of Black Noise has begun.

Being the longest constantly active Hip Hop crew in South Africa, Black Noise was officially formed in 1988 and now celebrating their 25th anniversary, they intend becoming even more influencial than they've ever been.


The latest additions to the crew are indeed heavyweights in their own right and have made considerable inroads working either on solo projects or as part of other groups.

The newest MC in Black Noise, Jean-Pierre or JP as he's affectionately known by fans & his close friends, is no stranger to the limelight. Since his days with the multi-genre urban fusion band Supadan, whose 2001 number 1 hit ‘Take a Walk with Me’ found itself at the top of radio charts for a number of weeks running, JP emerged as a hit-maker of note.
He's been churning out chart toppers consistently ever since including the title track of his 2010 solo album "A Universal Message" simultaneously holding the top spot on both the Goodhope FM Charts and the GHFM Hip Hop Top 30 competing with all the top international artists for several weeks. That song also was making the charts on many other stations including Heart 104.9 FM.
His 2012 single "Okapi" also topped the charts for most of November and December of last year.

Besides being an accomplished entertainer, JP also holds a tertiary diploma in Human Resource Management, as well as an aircraft pilot’s licence which he obtained as a teenager.
Regularly working with youth, he is always pointing out to them the value of pursuing a decent academic education as part paramount in achieving ones artistic or athletic goals.

A great part of JP's recent successes on the charts as well as with live performances is owed to his pairing with the other new member of Black Noise, the DJ and producer who is aptly named Madfingaz.
Watching him work a turntable is poetry in motion with a touch of madness!

Nantal Madfingaz has come a long way since he started DJ-ing in 1993 on tape decks after which he moved on to vinyl. He then joined two school friends and started a DJ crew called 3rd Force that later became Full Force DJ crew. They were doing mobile gigs till 1997.
That same year he started to DJ for a rap group called Native Sons.
The group performed with members of B.V.K, Black Noise and the late Mr Devious  and 1998 saw him playing alongside DJ Ready D for the first time.

In 2003 he became the official DJ of Perspektif who is another acclaimed chart topping MC .
Nantal madfingaz then also started working with Jean-Piere which led to working on a compilation CD "Rougue State of Mind" (an international release) featuring international and South African artist such as Godessa and Tumi.

Having a hand in two chart topping No 1 singles, the 2010 Perspektif party anthem “High up like this” and the witty 2012 track explaining Afrikaaps slang,  “Okapi” by Jean-Pierre, has proven that Nantal has the Midas touch of gold in those mad fingers of his.

It is evident that Black Noise, with the new additions to the crew, has embarked on a mission to up the game of South African Hip Hop and take it to the next level.

Black Noise celebrates their 25th Anniversary with the release of their new single called "Black is Back". The group will release a full album with various artist to celebrate their 25 years by the end of this year. Expect interesting local and international collaborations.

The future is Noisy and that Noise is Black!


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