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It's Alright coz BazaSon & Principlez Say So

Written by Ryan Swano & Marvin Levendal
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Anyone in the know would agree that It's gonna be more than Alright as BazaSon and Principlez release their 2nd Single off their Eclipse Project.
On October 14th 2013 at 11am MobCow Entertainment released Shaun “Bazason” Hoffman and Lusanda “Principlez” Mbane's second single off their collaborative project Eclipse to radio stations nationwide as well as online for your listening pleasure.
After the good responses from the 1st single “Street Jungle“ and the track being playlisted on numerous radio stations, the pair hope to up the ante with the release of the 2nd track “It’s Alright“. 
The track has a reggae influence and a very candid message about hope and resolve. 
The Eclipse Project brings together the immense talents of Shaun Hoffman aka BazaSon and Lusanda Mbane aka Principlez under the banner of Mobcow Entertainment in collaboration with Lusanda's BarCoded Music.
Neither are strangers to the Hip Hop and music scene with BazaSon being reknowned for his lyrical skills showcasing his ability to converse & write fluently in six of our national languages.
Born in Matatiela, Kwazulu Natal, to a Sotho father and Coloured mother, 24 year old BazaSon has a very rich multi-cultural background, having grown up in the Coloured and Black townships in and around Cape Town. 
His stage name “BazaSon” is a combination of his Xhosa last name “Gqabaza” and his first name “Shaun”

He frist caught the attention of MobCow Entertainment at the Suburban Menace Open Mic Sessions which evolved into the Lyrical Warfare events has been following since its inception in 2008.
"Although he's small in stature, he has been blessed with a booming voice and powerful performance presence that no one will be able to overlook, either live or in his recorded music" says Marvin Levendal of Suburban Menance & Mobcow Entertainment.
BazaSon who has sharpened his musical skills in the last four years sharing the stage and recording booth with likes of Chad Saaiman, Llloyd Jansen, Suburban Menace, Neil Thurston, Lil’ Bow Wow, Ill Skillz, Youngsta, Nonku Phiri, Joe Barber and Hemelbesem to name but a few.
He confesses that albeit he is fluent in at least 6 languages he prefers to deliver his rhymes in Sotho as the language has never had the opportunity to shine as bright as it can in the Hip Hop community in South Africa.
Working with BazaSon on on the Eclipse Project is Principlez who is a fast rising lumniary in his own right.
Born into a musical family from Alice in the Eastern Cape, he moved to Cape Town as a young boy and started rapping at the age of 12.

Over the years Principlez has shared stages and and did studio priojects with the likes of Howza, Martin Pike, Ghetto Lingo, Driemanskap, Joe Barber, MPRVS(USA), Khanyi, Suburban Menace, Ben Caesar, just to mention a few.

He shot to prominence not only as a performer but also as a producer when his work on his Massive Turn movement, responsible for unearthing talent in Mfuleni, was hailed by Hype Magazine as one of the 5 Most Promising Acts to come out of Cape Town, along with Driemanskap and others. 
His work with BazaSon on the Eclipse Project is predicted to surpass many of his previous achievements.
BazaSons & Principlez' "It's Alright" produced by Principlez with supporting vocals by Cape Town native D.Mus, is the last track that will be made available before the official release of the full length project under Mobcow Entertainmentin December 2013.
A music video will accompany the release of the full length EP, the video is currently in post production at Echoledge Productions.
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