Monday, 27 January 2014 13:45

Foul Play's Sandcastles built on a Rock-Solid Foundation

Written by Ryan Swano
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With over 7 singles featured on radio stations in JHB & CPT, performing at various gigs around J-Sec, featuring on ShizNiz with his 'drop 16' appearance & releasing an independent music video/single with Uni-VERSE called "Sag Ya Jeans", 
Foul-Play has released his debut solo project #Sandcastles and in an unexpected move, he has decided to give it to you for Free, Gratis, Verniet en Mahala. has #Sandcastles playing on high rotation for over a week now and we are certain that most headz would be willing to part with good money in a record bar for an album of this calibre.
Though all the tracks are of an outstanding quality my personal favourites are 'Frienemies', the name says it all, then of course there is the title track #Sandcastles and 'Good Life' with one of the current greatest collaborators, Brownian FloKid aka BFK who we featured on a few months ago.     
Foul-Play has been working hard to build up his rep among Hip Hop Headz and his method has seen him grow from strength to strength. Having put in the ground work with his unit Sounds Intense, who released a free self-titled album in 2010 with no financial backing from anyone, Foul-Play & Sounds Intense have proven that good music can still get out to the masses, regardless of how tough the industry can be at times. 
Though #Sandcastles is Foul-Play's first solo project , he plans on releasing his full-on debut solo album Constructive Brainstorming later this year. Having international features from the likes of OnlyOne & Ea$y Money, Constructive Brainstorming is set to raise the bar once again. 
5 years in the making, it is detsined to become a new benchmark in the industry.
Foul-Play, a veteran member (he joined around the same time as I did around 10 years ago) sees himself as a purist when it comes to the art of lyricism and wordplay in a song. 
He says: "The idea of putting in extra effort with the rhymes, makes the artist showcase his true skill and hunger to crack a market, saturated with average rappers, Headz can expect to hear a lot of incredible rhymes about life, sneakers, Hip-Hop and all things relevant to art-form of emceeing."

You can get #Sandcastles and other Foul Play releases for Free via the links below.
You can also Follow Foulplay on Twitter to keep up to date with what he has up his sleeve.
...and here's that Sag Ya Jeans video.

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