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Music Changed Her Life

Written by Louisa Steyl - Tygerburger
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"Awareness through music." That’s the motto that Cape Town singer Auriol Hays tries to carry through every aspect of her life.
“Before music came along, I was a housewife,” Auriol explains, adding that this was out of choice because she was looking after her daughter.

She says she was also a hermit. “I was so scared of everything in my life,” she goes on.
She recalls being petrified to make a phone call when she started working as a writer and says her mentor had to walk her through it.
“It is through music that I have gotten to know myself and the world around me,” Auriol says.

She says the best things that have happened to her aside from the birth of her daughter, had been through music. “There’s a certain consciousness that comes with writing music.”

Auriol points out that not so long ago, people weren’t allowed to write whatever they wanted to, because of censorship, but now song writers can write about anything, even if it’s a silly song that just gives people release.

“My music is not about release, it’s the kind of music that would give you a bit of solace and help you understand yourself and the world a bit better,” she says.
There are a number of issues that are close to Auriol’s heart, like literacy and green peace, and even these have come up in her songs.

Auriol’s musical journey began with her singing to her daughter. She was watching television with her daughter when she saw singers like Ella Fitzgerald and that’s when she thought: “Maybe my voice has a place.”
“Before I always thought that my voice was incredibly ghetto, that there was no place for me.”
Later she visited a psychic who told her that music was her calling. She was sceptical at first, but knew that she wanted to pursue a musical career.

“It has changed my life completely,” Auriol says, adding that she wants her entire life to “feel” like music.
“I want my life to be as rich and as textured as it is now, because I know what it felt like to live a silent life and not have a voice.”

Auriol is currently working on her third album and so far its working title is Scattering Stars like Dust, a name she took from a line in a poem by Rumi.
She says the new album is very positive and all about love, not necessarily her own experiences of love, but those of the people around her as well.

Some of the musicians that are featured on the album include Josie Field, Jesse Jordan and Riaan Smit from Crimson House Blues, but Auriol still wants to squeeze some more collaborations in, even though the album is almost finished.
Auriol says the new album is very bold, as opposed to the stark and intimate sound of her Call it Love album. She says the new album has an epic, big sound with lots of energy.

“There’s only one sad song on this album,” Auriol jokes. She says the rest of the songs are about love and longing “and wanting someone to be your home”.

“The most important thing to me is that the music is sincere,” she says.

Watch Auriol Haze & Jesse Jordan perform live on The Orange Couch.

• For more information about Auriol, visit her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter @auriolhays.

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