Sunday, 07 September 2014 23:50

The New Hip Hop Avenue TV Show

Written by Ryan Swano
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With their first show focusing on a collective of Hip Hop artists from Hanover Park on the Cape Flats which is notorious for its high level of gang-related crime, this new TV show will initially be broadcast on Fridays as an approximately 10 minute segment on the Cape Town TV youth magazine program Eksê.  

What most people see on mainstream television as hip hop and South African Hip Hop in particular in most cases are the glamourised music videos of and media hype around the very few artists who managed to make a commercial success of their art.

Very few people realise that there are many more Hip Hop artists who are the actual ones keeping the Hip Hop culture alive and sometimes through choice, but mostly because they are not afforded the exposure by mainstream media, never get the attention they deserve and their creativity is only seen and appreciated by those who are actively involved with the hip Hop culture.

Hip Hop Avenue intends growing into a full on program with its own slot and hopes to reach a point where they have content that covers Hip Hop beyond the Western Cape and explore the culture at community level all across the country.
The creators, Alfonzo Arendse, Nur felix and Greg Copeland are already getting recognition from Cape Town musicians in different genres for their excellent music video productions and this to them is the next evolution in the young careers as film makers.

Along with their lovely presenter Sunchia, they did an excellent job interviewing the Skarrelbaan Produksies collective in Hanover Park and the presenter easily managed to get the Skarrelbaan members to do impromptu live performances right there in the middle of the court yards outside their flats.
The composition of the footage and the final editing was fairly impressive and watching the first ever segment made me wish I could invest in the production in order to immediately make it a half an hour long show.

Besides catching the show as only a segment for now in Eksê on Cape Town TV DSTV Channel 263, you can also subscribe to the Hip Hop Avenue Youtube Channel to get notifications when they upload new content.
You can also join the Hip Hop Avenue Facebook Page to get regular updates and access to other content.

Check out the first segment of Hip Hop Avenue shot in Hanover Park and meet the Skarrelbaan Produksies crew.