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The hilarious duo of the ColouredIn show

Written by Ryan Swano
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Kim Sanssoucie and Lowena Waries have a regular spot with their show ColouredIn on the internet radio show and we at not only find them hilarious but their comedic take on being Coloured turns out to be more than relevant, constantly affirming their own take on identity and debunking many stereotypes.

The dynamics between the two are made so much more interesting in that Lowena is from Ocean View, Capetown and Kim is from The Bluff, Durban and they prove our point that Coloureds from different parts of the country can identify with each other in many more ways than their regional differences would suggest.
Refreshingly they do not cover their subjects as if everything is simply about them being Coloured but the show leans more towards viewing the world as a South African in the context of being Coloured.

We found this transcript of a CliffCentral interview with them and further below you'll find links to some of their side-splitting podcasts.

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Kim Sanssoucie and Lowena Waries have sparked our line-up with their comedic, relevant and thought-provoking shows that they have dubbed ColouredIn. These two never fail to serve up their take on a wide range of topics: From sisterhood to sidechicks, politics to problems with your partners even nudity to networking!

We recently asked our lovely ladies a series of questions to get to know them better and here’s what they had to say:

What’s your full name?
L: Lowena Linray Waries
K: Kim Clare Sanssoucie

How old are you?
L: 27
K: 29

Where did you grow up?
L: Ocean View, Cape Town
K: The Bluff, Durban

What’s your favourite high school memory?
L: My clique! The lunches together, netball matches away and the social outfits that we coordinated.
K: Being in Grade 8 and being cast in our school’s annual theatre production and then winning the Best Supporting Actress Award. Also, all trips to the boys’ school for socials was always fun…haha! (She went to an all-girls school)

Where do you currently work?
L: Brand Manager for Vuzu, VUZU AMP and Channel O
K: CEO & Founder of live performance production company Slice Bean Machine, actress/writer

What do you love the most about Johannesburg?
L: The inexplicable feeling that you can become whatever you want!
K: The vibrant energy of the people and the beautiful summer storms

What’s your ideal night out?
L: Good company, drinks and wearing something tight.
K: Craft beer, underground music and fashionable & interesting company somewhere in Braamfontein or Maboneng

Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City?
L: Sex and The City
K: Definitely Sex and the City. I’m a huge fan!

Which celebrity would you love to party with?
L: Rihanna
K: Kate Moss, the original bad girl.

What’s your favourite item of clothing?
L: Denim shorts
K: I prefer to be naked but if I had to choose, a vintage kimono jacket that was my mom’s in the 80s

Right now we at are listening to their pre-Valentines Day show.

All we didn't like about any of the shows is that, though the music selection isn't all too bad, there is a complete lack of music by any of the many Coloured artists who they regularly mention. We we are pretty sure they are not responsible for playlisting and hopefully they will have that fixed soon.

You can check out the podcasts of their more recent shows  that can be found on the original article.