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Ronique, Radio and Life

Written by Ryan Swano
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As a grade 4 learner, Ronique Abrahams, who grew up in Mitchels Plain had to audition to be a host presenter at her school concert.
"I really liked to talk a lot and I was chosen to be one of the presenters. On the night of the concert I was commended and celebrated as one of the youngest and best host presenters we've ever had at a school concert."
"It all started at that point in my life and I knew I wanted to be a radio presenter some day." welcomes Ronique to our growing list of contributing writers and we are really excited that she has accepted the challenge. We won't be telling you what she will be writing about as yet because we first want you all to get to know her.
Ronique currently hosts a show on Cape Flats Lifestyle Radio which for now is internet based but the owners have high aspirations of taking it to FM.
"My show is called The Love Boat and it is basically about finding love, being in love, dating, puppy love, friendship, the love siblings have for each other, and of course the heartbreaks we all at some point in our lives have to deal with. Covering all aspects of love, the music is also selected along those lines."

Though the station is on a digital broadcast platform we have noticed that Ronique's show in its short lifespan has so far managed to to get some fairly well-established artists and entertainers as interview guests, guests who the FM stations seldom seem to get onto the airwaves. We her asked her if she just counts it as pure luck of the draw or is there something special about her show that attracts these guests?
She laughed it off: "I definitely don’t think it’s luck. I absolutely depend on my personality and attitude and I think the famous celebs enjoy my very dry sense of humour when I approach them and most of them immediately agree to meet with me and do an interview.
"All I do is ask and it’s either a yes or a no, as simple as that. In most cases the answer has been yes but there have been cases where some famous and some not-so-famous celebs have said no because the radio program is digital and not on FM."
"I think that is very sad as internet radio has grown in stature and when internet radio shows migrate to FM, they already have loyal listeners who continue to stream."

Ronique is responsible for drawing up her own playlist, so besides the music she plays on her show, she enthusiastically says that she really loves Gospel music and that contemporary adult music is the best ever.
Ronique with the highly successful jazz saxophonist Donveno who we have featured in a few of our articles before."I also listen to Jazz and a little bit of Rock and Country music. I actually listen to all genres but the ones mentioned are my favourites."
We have seen Ronique around at Gospel shows and always wondered if she involves herself in some way with those who perform Gospel across the Cape Peninsula and perhaps also other parts of the country, so we asked her if she has a background in the music scene.
"I am a vocalist and have had gigs here and there but I haven’t really focused on anything resembling a singing career. For now I have too many other things I have to focus on."



Ronique is a youth leader in her church and we first got know her as someone who is very much involved in community youth counselling programs, so we asked her to tell us more about it.
"I was actually asked by the Pastor of my church to get involved in the youth because of my past mistakes which of course I have learnt from and now am able to guide youth in vulnerable situations."
"I was a drug addict for more than a decade and almost lost my life in the process. I have now been clean and serene for almost 7 years (16 June 2015 will mark 7 years)."
"I am involved in a programme called Alcohol and Drug Concerns and I also facilitate a support group in Mitchell’s Plain which runs every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm."

"Of the people who have the biggest influece on me, I would say that my mother still plays a big role in my life going from the point she reached of no longer believing in me (due to all the mistakes I have made) to once again believing in me and supporting everything I do"
"There is also a lady named Mariette Mileham who is a social worker that was like a second mother to me and believed in me from the get go."

Radio for now isn't Ronique's main career and we asked her what else she does and if she would give that up to be on radio fulltime. "I am a fulltime P.A. in a company that has stakes in properties all over the world but believe me, I’d give that up in an instant to be on radio fulltime."

Does she ever take a break from all the things she does, her job, the radio, her youth ministry and just do something different? We wondered what it is she likes doing to get away from it all, because we all sometimes need to recharge our batteries.
"With my permanent job I do travel a lot so I get a break for free" she laughs. "I have not had a break in a while and think it is time. I am also embarking on a new chapter in my life where I would like to lose 20kgs. I am not a very tiny woman (chuckle) and don’t want to be, but I'm a woman so I need to lose some in certain areas." She jovially laughs again.

What other plans for your life do you have, besides the million things you are already doing? "I would like to model a white wedding gown. Not get married just model the gown take pictures and that’s it hahahahaha. Seriously I would like to get married and have one more child. I would also like to pursue radio in more ways than just presenting, do voice overs and acting."

We asked her if there's anything special people can look forward to on her show in the next few weeks.
"Yes, lots of interviews with amazing people who have amazing talents and who want to share it with all of you!"

Ronique is going on a working holiday in the next few weeks but you can catch her back in the swing of things broadcasting live from the Cape Flats Lifestyle Expo on 19 April with her 11am to 2pm Love Boat Show and also to introduce the new Gospel time-slot from 8am-11am on Sunday Mornings.
and The Love Boat 11-2pm.

To listen listen live or find out more about this exciting new online radio station  or to listen live go to
click here to stream direct.

...and no, we are still not telling you what she will be writing about
Welcome to the team Ronique!