Saturday, 18 June 2016 00:16

Kay Smith aka Tarryn of 7de Laan Positively Responds to Hair Memes

Written by Ryan Swano
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Kay Smith who plays Tarryn in the prime time soapie 7de Laan - Picture: Facebook
Beautiful Kay Smith who plays Tarryn in the soapie 7de Laan has since her first appearance on the show been at the receiving end of sometimes silly but often times very cruel memes deriding her lovely bossiekop of natural hair.

Kay Smith has decided to repond to the jibes and that she did with a very positive attitude in a video presented and narrated by journalist Bertram Malgas.
All the attention that her hair is drawing has encouraged her to push on with what Bertram calls her 'Natural Hair Crusade'.

"To be an ambassador for natural hair and loving yourself, especially for young Coloured girls is a big deal for me; It's always been a big deal for me. so this is just the perfect platform to step up even more and give that little thing that I've always got going a bigger voice." Kay concluded.

We've always maintained at that we simply love a bushie with a lekke bossiekop.
Yeah we love you ladies with naturally straight hair too, but a well kept bossiekop is to be admired and respected.

We fully support Kay's crusade which had our little minds that sit just below our own little kroesies start to wonder....
What do all you lovely ladies out there think of our tongue-in-cheek idea of simply calling this a #Kroesade?

WATCH: Kay Smith, who plays Tarryn in 7de Laan, respond to hair memes on social media by Bertram Malgas.
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