Monday, 10 February 2014 09:31

Mantashe appeals to Cape Coloureds

Written by SAPA - News24
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Cape Town - ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe wooed coloured voters in Cape Town on Friday, telling them there was a space for them in the ruling party.
"You don't need to ask for that space, it is there," he told various coloured interest groups and leaders of Western Cape-based political parties during an ANC lunch.
"One thing I always said to the Western Cape, one of the things which irritates me as a person is when coloured people regard themselves as a minority. It irritates me all the time."
Speaking after a two-day visit to the Cape Flats, Mantashe said coloured people would remain a minority if they did not define themselves properly.
He said the myth of a homogenous coloured population - rather than a diverse group made up of the Khoi, San, and other groups - had allowed opposition parties to take control of the province.
"You call yourself a minority. You are governed by a minority all the time. It's a mindset. We must liberate ourselves... and appreciate you are part of a majority."
He said people he visited were shocked to find out the ANC had not won complete control of the province since 1994.
"The Western Cape has never tasted a free South Africa since 1994. The Western Cape must taste that freedom and take that decision - what do they want to do with it?"
Mantashe said support for the party did not equate to a free ride.
"One thing we are not going to do is give coloureds presents. Coloured people must play their role and earn their responsibilities. They must earn it among all of us."