Wednesday, 02 April 2014 23:39

New Initiatives in Eldos Drug War

Written by JeVanne Gibbs - The Citizen
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The war on drugs in Eldorado Park in the south of Johannesburg intensified on Friday when additional programmes were introduced.

Gauteng social development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza said the additional anti-substance abuse programmes were aimed at strengthening bonds in families facing battles related to drug use.
The other programmes were a mobile early childhood development centre, a parenting skills programme, an addicted to change programme, two Ke Moja (No Thank You) buses for mobile anti-substance abuse services and the Bright Star initiative.

The Ke Moja buses would benefit not only Eldorado Park residents, but people from surrounding areas including Freedom Park and Klipspruit West.

“Government is focusing on demand reduction of drugs in the province. A total of 4 125 beneficiaries have been reached through the drug awareness campaign. Without the community, this could not have been done,” said Mayathula-Khoza.
“It is the responsibility of parents to detect drug abuse and intervene early. Let us not make it the responsibility of
government, as government cannot be in every household.”

Police Major-General Phumzo Ngela said 2 844 drug-related cases had been opened in Eldorado Park after President Jacob Zuma’s visit to the area on May 15, 2013.
“Of the various cases, 510 people were convicted, 17 were found not guilty, 179 were referred for diversion programmes, 543 escaped after receiving bail, 429 cases were withdrawn and 902 cases are still pending,” said Maj-Gen Ngela.

“This past weekend more than 100 drug peddlers were arrested. We will camp here until all the druglords are rooted out.”
Maj-Gen Ngela urged communities to report druglords and corrupt police officers. “If one police officer is corrupt, it does not mean all are. Those found to be corrupt are wearing different uniforms now – in jail.”

Provincial government has established a toll-free number (0800-3333-880800-3333-88) linked to social workers who can supply information about the programmes. Three additional offices had been set up in Eldorado Park to deal with queries.

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